He stabbed his friend in the back with a dagger … because of Vishal’s behavior at the task


  • Users get mad at Vishal Nikam’s behavior during the task
  • Vikas Patil and Vishal Nikam were separated
  • Users claim that Vikas is a better competitor than Vishal

Mumbai: The real faces of the participants of ‘Bigg Boss Marathi 3’ are now coming out of the task. This makes this event more exciting every day. Vishal Nikam and Vikas Patil were seen as a couple by Jay and Viru at Bigg Boss’s house. But the task painted in Bigg Boss’s house caused bitterness between the two. In addition, Vishal abused Vikas to some extent while on the job. So the development was nominated. Because of this, Vishal has been criticized on social media. All of the family members are shocked to see this unexpected behavior from Vishal. On social media, a user commented that Vishal stabbed Tu Vikas in the back.

The bitterness between Vishal and Vikas began with the task “Heaven and Hell”. In doing this, Vishal sent Vishal to Hell. Users also criticized Vishal for what he said when Vikas was nominated. Meanwhile, Vishal’s behavior interfered with development. But then Minal, Sonali, Avishkar came to understand him. But then Vishal physically abused and nominated Vikas in yesterday’s episode ‘Samyamchi Aishi Ki Taishi’. Vishal’s behavior has again drawn criticism on social media. Many users have doubts about its purpose. He is also accused of being a liar.

Vikas, you stay away from Vishal

When a user saw Vishal’s behavior, he advised Vikas to stay away from him. Not only that, development is a game for you. With every task, Vishal shows that he is not your best friend … ‘This user also said.

Another user wrote: “Half of the development that tortured Vishal is also not shown in yesterday’s episode. Vikas had to run with dumbbells in both hands. Too long to be scouts. He fell twice while standing on his head. Turned over and fed the apples. Vishal spoke to him personally and took it from him. I felt bad for development … ‘

The friendship between Vishal and Vikas. to question

Another user commented on Vishal’s behavior. He writes: “Everything Vishal has done in this task of restraint is a question mark over their friendship. Vishal physically abused Vikas. And say they are good friends. Do not cry Vishal Nikam for pity later … ‘

Vishal is too confident about himself
Some users have praised the development and criticized Vishal. Users wrote, “Development is a better competitor than a giant. In addition, Vishal is too confident. He’s gotten very rude. ‘

Vishal doesn’t like the game
Another user wrote that Vishal is playing the game very wrong. I used to love him as a candidate. But his behavior is confusing to me. He’s playing the wrong game day in and day out.

Word wounds are more painful
Vishal Nikam’s personality has also been questioned by many users. The wounds that Vishal Vikas literally inflicted are more painful than the sword. He hurt his friend.

Vishal’s fans also lie
Vishal Nikam receives support from fans on social media. Many users have also expressed doubts about this. Some users wrote, “Vikas fans are right that his PRT raised it by lying. There is a suspicion … ‘

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