Hollywood’s Auto Susat; Animation is a big part of this movie

Suraj Kamble

Hollywood is known for its compelling story with great quality and cinematic experience. After a long hiatus, Hollywood is ready to hit the box office again. This can be seen in the films “Spider-Man”, “James Bond No Time to Die”, “Shang Chi” and “Venom 2”. But now that 2022 has dawned, the Hollywood car is going to be very slick this year. Many are shown both in OTT (over the top) and in cinemas. With the filmmaker competition in Bollywood, Hollywood and its finishing brigade want to plunder the box office again in 2022. The successful “superhero” formula has given filmmakers advantages over superheroes over the past two decades due to changing film and recording techniques. The list of top-grossing films will be expanded this year. The anti-hero Morbius was scheduled to contribute earlier this year, but the release date has been postponed so Robert Pattinson’s Batman will be the first superhero movie of March 2022. A total of 11 superhero films will be shown this year. This list shows 5 Marvel character movies and 4 DC movies. This includes Dwayne Johnson’s (The Rock) long-awaited film Black Adam. Everyone’s favorite rock will play the role of an antihero in this film. His animated film ‘Superpets’ will be released this May. 26 major animated films will be shown this year. Many teenagers, including children, wondered if the second part of the movie ‘Minions’ would come out, but now ‘Minions-The Rice of Gr’ will be released this July. Chris Evans will also release ‘LightYear’, which is based on the character from the iconic Buzz LightYear toy story. The film ‘Spider-Man Across the Spider-Man Part 1’ will be released in October, connecting Marvel and the Sony universe of Spiderman. Action & Mystery Movies More than one and a half hundred movies released this year are in the action and mystery genre. 59 of them are thrillers, mostly remakes of ‘Scream’. The 2019 sequel to Daniel Craig’s ‘Knives Out’ will be released later this year. When it comes to action films, Hollywood will leave no stone unturned this year and many more films such as ‘Operation Fortune’, ‘Mission Impossible 7’, ‘The Gray Man’, ‘Uncharted’, ‘The Kings Man’ will be released in the next six months. For Potter and Dinosaur fans … ‘Fantastic Beasts and Secrets from Double Door’ for ‘Harry Potter’ fans and ‘Jurassic World Dominion’ for dinosaur fans. So there are a lot of films this year whose names have not yet been announced. Given the growing comics fan base, more new movie dates are expected to be announced this year along with the dates of 11 upcoming films. More than five Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) films are slated to hit theaters this year and will be a sequel to ‘Jumanji’ and ‘Hobbes and Shaw’.

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