‘How do I get …’ In an interesting twist, Om becomes the truth about Sweetu and Mohit’s relationship. to understand


  • Omkar becomes the wrong relationship between Mohit and Sweetu. to understand
  • Jab becomes Sweetu Omkar. ask
  • The audience was happy with the new twist

Mumbai– The most popular series of the audience “How do I come, I want to bathe” is ready to win the hearts of the audience again. The show’s viewers were very upset when Sweetu got married to Mohit. The series was a huge troll on social media for failing to feature Sweetu and Omkar’s marriage. Everyone’s favorite series suddenly became disliked by the audience. But once again what the audience expects is going to happen on the series. Omkar will understand the truth about Sweetu and Mohit’s relationship.

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Sweetu and Mohit were married when Omkar went to rescue Sweetu’s father. But Sweetu keeps Mohit away from himself by telling him that he is not in a marital relationship. Omkar becomes angry and returns to Khanvilkar’s house to make Sweet forget his love and accept Mohit. But Omkar fails because Sweetu still loves Omkar. As shown in the show’s promo, Omkar will now become Sweetu’s father-in-law. There Omkar will learn about the relationship between Sweetu and Mohit. Sweetu will then ask Omkar about his efforts.

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The audience is excited to see Omkar and Sweetu together. The audience is happy because the story of the series is now taking a different turn. So what’s next in the series? What exactly will Omkar decide? Will Sweetu and Omkar get together? Will Malvika do something wrong again? The audience is looking forward to it.

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