How To Make A Route On Google Maps for Trekking And Hiking

Creating and planning hiking and trekking routes with Google My Maps is very easy. You’ve probably often missed being able to create your own hiking route. Maybe to hike close to home or to adapt it to your needs when you go camping on a weekend. Using google maps for hiking will allow you to create routes easily whatever your goals are. We tell you how to make a route in Google Maps for your personal use or to share it, if you want other people to have it.

Why It’s Interesting To Create Routes On Google Maps For Hiking And Trekking

Planning a route from home is the best way to face a day of hiking or trekking. For many reasons. Some of them?

  • For Safety. This way you can share your route and let your family and friends know the route you plan to take.
  • Because this way you can adapt your route to your needs or requirements. To make it very simple or with challenges, for example.
  • To improve the experience of the route. Creating a route makes it easier for you to plan what equipment you will need, whether you will need to carry a backpack with a hydration system or trekking poles. Everything in order to live a better experience during the route.
  • Because this way you will enjoy the route in advance, from the moment of its creation. And until the end of it.
  • It will make it easier for you to check the weather forecast for the route. Especially if it is about long routes or orographically complicated spaces. So you can plan whether you should include in your equipment a waterproof cover for your backpack or spare trekking socks.
  • Planning a route on Google Maps will allow you to add places of interest and calculate distances quickly and efficiently, without having to spend hours searching for information or performing your own calculations on terrain maps.

How To Make A Route On Google Maps Step By Step From Your Computer

This google My Maps tutorial shows you how to make a route on Google Maps easily. Follow the instructions to create, save and, if you wish, to share your hiking and trekking route.

Create A Map

The first step is to access Google My Maps from your computer. Once there, click on Create a new map and then go to the top left and click on Unnamed Map.

Name your map and add a description. Even if it is brief, it is important that it is specific, indicating the type of route. For example if it is for beginners, if it is suitable to do with children or if it is of great difficulty and extension.

Open and modify the appearance of a map to make a route on Google Maps

Access My Maps and log in to create a map or open the map you want to edit. At the bottom of the left panel click on the down arrow next to Base Map. And choose the style by clicking on one of the images.
It is interesting that you choose a type of icon that clearly shows what is in the marked place. This way it will be useful not only for you but also for all the people with whom you share your route.

Add all the points you consider necessary to mark your route.

Add layers to the map to create your route.

Remember that a google My Maps map can have up to 10,000 lines, shapes or places. Click on Add marker and select a layer to click on the point where you want to add the site. Remember to assign a name to the site. Click Save.

Search Places To Add To Your Map

How to make a route in Google Maps of an area you don’t know? Using the Find Places feature.
To do this, once your map is open, type the name of the site in the search bar. The results will appear on the map. If you find one of interest that you want to add to your route, click on it and in the dialog box that opens click on Add to map.

Join Route

Clicking on the draw line icon under the page finder, select Add route on foot. And with the mouse pointer join the marked points to mark the path.

You can add new layers for a more complete map. And remember to always click save to avoid losing your work.

Complete And Save Your Google Maps Hiking Route

The next step of the Google My Maps tutorial is to save your hiking or trekking route. To do this you must open the map you are interested in and click on Add directions. Then type the start and end locations in the box on the left side of the screen.

If you want to add new sections, click on Add destination. Click on More and three dots vertically and on Step by step directions to see them. You will see that each group of directions is displayed on a separate layer.
You can click on the ruler icon to measure distances and areas, then click on the area of the map to measure as well as on each line and curve of the map. This will give you real information about each section of the hiking route.

Click on Save so as not to lose the indications.

Now that you know how to make a route in Google Maps, you just have to create it. To follow it comfortably along the way, install the Google Maps App for Android on your smartphone. Or on your iPhone the App for Mac. Accessing from it to Google My Maps you can see all the routes you have created and share them with other people, either so they can make that route, or for your own safety.

So take advantage now that you know how to make a route on Google Maps and plan your next trips. This way you will enjoy a safer route with clear, concise and easy to understand directions for a better experience. Do not hesitate, and start creating your trekking or hiking route! All you need to do is grab your backpack and start the adventure!