Husband Riteish also enters Bigg Boss’s house with Rakhi Sawant? Check out this video

Mumbai: The 15th edition of Bigg Boss Hindi is currently running. However, since the TRP is lower this season than previous seasons, producers are experimenting with new ones. Some of the old mountain candidates will be moved back into the Bigg Boss house. One of these names is Rakhi Sawant. TRP was also up after Rakhi Sawant entered 14 trades. Rakhi Sawant will also come to Bigg Boss’s house through wildcard entry.

Rumor has it that not only Rakhi Sawant but also her husband Riteish are moving to Bigg Boss. A video showing her with Riteish went viral on social media. But his face has not yet appeared. In a recent interview, Rakhi also commented on her relationship with Riteish.

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No matter how much I and Riteish argued; “We will never be apart,” says Rakhi. After saying I was married, a lot of people said it was a lie. But now Riteish and I are getting together at Bigg Boss’s house. Now everyone will believe. My husband will come before the world.

In addition, Rakhi said that she married Riteish in four ways. Christian married according to my wishes. For Riteish this was done according to Hindu custom. Made it legal too. Rakhi also said in an interview that she wanted to marry him.

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