“I come from a country where women are worshiped in the morning and gang raped at night.”

Mumbai: The equation of Vinodveer Veer Das and Vaad is old. As soon as a dispute about Veer Das is settled, it comes back into the discussion with a new statement. Even now, everyone was shocked when Veer made a defamatory statement in the United States. A case against him has been registered for this testimony.

On his YouTube channel he has uploaded a video of a presentation by Veer Das at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC, USA. In this six-minute video, Veer comments on the dual mentality in the country. It is precisely on this matter that a controversy has arisen. A case against him has been registered with the Mumbai Police Department.

What did Veer Das say?

Veer Das had read a poem at that event in America. This poem was like …

“I come from India, where women are worshiped during the day and raped at night.

I’m from India .. where a population is less than 30 years old but still listens to 150 year old ideas from 75 year old leaders.

I’m from India .. where we pride ourselves on being vegetarians, but we crush the farmers who grow vegetables.

I come from this India … where children wear masks and leaders embrace without wearing masks. ‘

Criminal charges against Veer Das

Mumbai High Court attorney Ashutosh J. Dubey and BJP legal counsel in Maharashtra filed a complaint against Veer Das. He also shared a copy of the complaint filed against Veer on Twitter. In it he said, “I filed a complaint with the Mumbai Police Department against Veer Das for damaging India’s image in the United States. Veer has made deliberately derogatory remarks towards India, Indian women and the Indian Prime Minister.

Revealed by Veer Das

Due to the resulting controversy, Veer announced on Tuesday. In it he said: “I had no intention of offending the country with my video entitled ‘I Come From India’.” My point was simply that after all the other problems in our country, our country is great. We should all remember the size of our country.

Criticism on social media

This is not the first time Veer Das’ statement has caused controversy. He has often made controversial statements. But this time around, it got widespread by social media users. Users were outraged by the poem he was reading. Veer Das, who went to America and tingled his country, is constantly tweeted so as not to forgive him.

Dispute over comedian Veer Das

Poems about India and Indian women were read on the show in the United States

File a case against Veer Das with the Mumbai Police Department

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