ICC makes important changes in T20; If the overs are not completed in the allotted time, the wait is a major setback

ICC Announces Major Overhaul of T20 Cricket The law has been changed to punish those who fail to throw overtime within the allotted time in the same game. It was also decided to allow a break during the game depending on the game situation. The break is designed in the form of a drink break. There used to be penalties, including fines, for lower overrates. In addition, there is the applicable law. Under the new rules, bowling teams must complete the over within the allotted time. Bowling teams that fail to complete the overs in the allotted time may have less than one skater outside the circle in overtime overs. After the power play in T20, only 5 field players were allowed to leave the circle. For example, suppose a T20 inning is defined to be tapered by 7:30 p.m. However, if the bowling team

can only throw 17 overs by that time, then only four outfield players will be allowed outside the circle in the remaining three overs. The ICC assumes that the pace of play will not be lost under the new rules. She had previously been criticized for imposing only fines as a punishment. This reforms the game so that it can be completed on time. Also read: The new reform was proposed by the ICC committee. From this month the new law comes into force. This is an update introduced at the Hundred Ball Tournament in England. This has also been approved by the ICC. Another notable change from the ICC is the Drinks Break, which was introduced earlier in the IPL and elsewhere. A break is allowed after 10 overs. The interval is 2 minutes and 30 seconds. With this law, the income of the ICC can increase. The new rules will take effect on January 16th between the West Indies and Ireland.

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