Indians outraged by animated film ‘Anyay’, said Superman anti-India


  • Indians are upset after watching DC Comics’ new animated film Injustice.
  • Controversy erupted over a scene in the film regarding Kashmir.
  • People are calling Superman and Wonder Woman anti-India, demanding boycott.

A large number of people all over the world including India are fond of watching superhero movies. But at this time people in India are angry with DC Comics hero Superman. DC’s new animated film Injustice says something about Kashmir and shows that Indian fans are upset. The film is being criticized on all social media platforms including Twitter and DC Comics is demanding boycott of every film. The animated film Injustice depicts Kashmir as a disputed and weapons-free zone. A video clip of the film is also becoming very viral.

The video clip of the film going viral shows that Kashmir has been described as a disputed area. In this clip, Superman and Wonderwoman attack and destroy fighter planes and military equipment. Superman and Wonderwoman then declare that Kashmir is a weapons-free zone. He stands between the two delegates and asks, “Do you accept these terms?”

DC Comics is getting a lot of criticism on social media, especially on Twitter. Many users are calling Superman and Wonder Woman anti-India. One user said, ‘An anti-India conspiracy is being hatched through films. The DC should have done a little study before making any comments on Kashmir or Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Users allege that if that was the case, why didn’t Superman show Afghanistan as an unarmed area in his film? People have also named Superman as Anti Indian Superman.

On social media, users are demanding that this controversial scene should be removed from the film as soon as possible. Users write that Kashmir is an integral part of India and no one has the right to make such comments and make fun of the internal affairs of the country. No statement has yet been issued from the filmmakers or DC Comics.

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