How To Install a WordPress Plugin (Beginner’s Guide for 2019)

How To Install a WordPress Plugin (Beginner’s Guide for 2019)

by Amrit May 27, 2019

Installing a WordPress Plugin is similar process of installing a wordpress theme which we discussed earlier. Mainly, WordPress Plugins are like add on which used to add new features on your wordpress site, such as, gallery, social sharing, caching tools, slideshow etc.

After installing wordpress, it’s very first thing to learn how to install a wordpress theme and plugins. Also, it’s the basic thing of wordpress you’ve to learn after starting a blog. If you still not started a blog then can read this step-by-step guide to start a blog in 2019.

If you started your new blog then installing a wordpress Plugin is one of the very first thing every beginner must learn. In this 2019 beginner’s guide, I will provide you a detailed step by step guide on how to install a WordPress Plugin extremely for beginners.

Here in this step-by-step guide we will discuss three different ways how you can install a WordPress Plugin.

  1. Search & Install a Plugin
  2. Upload & Install a Plugin
  3. Upload Via FTP

Before You install a New WordPress Plugin

If you’re using then you cannot upload or install a plugin. is very limited unless you switch to their business plan. Earlier I had comparised between  self hosted wordpress vs free

On self hosted wordpress you can upload or install a plugin without any hassle. In this guide we will discuss about that three Technic how you can install a new plugin.

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Step 1 : Install a WordPress Plugin Using WP Admin Plugins Search

If you want to install a new wordpress plugin from the free plugins directory, the easiest way to install is by searching on WordPress Admin Dashboard plugin search functionality.

At first login on your admin dashboard are, Next click on Plugins »  Add New.

Now Search Your Required Plugins From Plugins Search Bar. As an example, you can see I just searched the renowned wordpress SEO plugin, Yoast SEO. Now just click on button.

search & install a wordpress plugin

After installing your required plugin just click on button.

activate wordpress plugin

That’s it, Now You’ve successfully activated your desired wordpress plugin.

successfully plugin activated

Step 2 : Install Plugin By Uploading From WordPress Admin

The First method to install a plugin is only applicable for free plugins which are available in’s Plugins Directory. But if you want to install a premium wordpress Plugins from Themeforest, or, if you want to install a custom wordpress plugins then you must know how to install a custom wordpress plugins.

In this guide of Step 2, you will know about how to upload and install the wordpress plugins.

At first, Download the zip file of your desired premium or custom plugin or if you don’t have zip file then compress it to .zip.

Thereafter, login to your admin area and click on Plugins » Add New » .

upload wordpress plugin

Now select your desired premium or custom or free plugin and click on button.

Once you have completed installation process you will get a success message with the activate link. Click on the activate button and now you’ve successfully installed your premium or custom wordpress plugin. You may need to add additional setting options to configure either through the plugin customizer or through other option panel, it depends on which plugin you have installed. You can get full help to customize your plugin from downloaded plugins documentation page.

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Step 3 : Installing a WordPress Plugin Via FTP

Sometimes largest wordpress Plugins cannot be uploaded through uploading Plugins on wordpress admin panel. At that time, you have to install your wordpress Plugin through FTP. Btw, remember it’s not for beginners, it’s a little bit more advanced.

Atfirst, download the zip file of the wordpress Plugin and unzip the plugin folder.

Then log on to your FTP panel. Thereafter, you would need to visit on the path wp-content/plugins folder & you have to upload the plugin unzipped folder on the location wp-content/plugins.

While uploading your wordpress plugins just order a cup coffee.

After uploading wordpress plugin, just open your browser and log on to your wordpress dashboard.

Then click on Plugins » Installed Plugins.

Now you should see your plugin which you’ve uploaded before. Now, just bring your cursor to the top of the plugin and click on activate button.

Finally, you’ve successfully installed and activated wordpress plugin via ftp.

Also, I just covered all the aspects to upload and install a wordpress plugin.

I hope this step by step guide helped you to upload and install a wordpress plugin. The article is presented for absolutely beginners who are new to wordpress. We used screenshot of wordpress version 5.2 to write this article, we will try our best to keep this content up-to-date. If you think I’ve forget to tell anything you can comment below or contact us

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