IPL is the reason to quit cricket; De Villiers with shocking revelation

South Africa is one of the greatest batsmen of all time in cricket. He was a player who was able to win the game alone during his playing days. Will hit any bowler with ease. The ball bounces in every direction. De Villiers, nicknamed 360 Degrees by cricket fans, has abruptly retired from international cricket. Recently the player stopped playing in all formats. Despite being able to play for a long time, de Villiers’ retirement from the IPL has been the subject of much speculation. Although last season’s IPL performance was not as good as expected, fans are expecting De Villiers to continue. But now it’s revealed why the retired player, also from the IPL, has retired. Also Read: De Villiers Says He’s Always Enjoyed Playing Cricket But the moment he felt he was

losing his temper, he decided to quit cricket. De Villiers’ revelation that last season’s IPL was held half in India and half abroad has eroded his passion for cricket. De Villiers tweeted on the day he retired from all forms of cricket that his cricket career was a glorious one. His decision was to retire from all forms of cricket. He has enjoyed playing cricket with his teammates since childhood. He played with complete pleasure. However, the age was 37 years. The joy of the game was lost. “I think this is a good time to retire,” he said. Also read: De Villiers last played for South Africa in March 2018. He was the key player for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL. Last season he hit 313 runs in 15 games. That’s the lowest since 2017. He has 5,162 runs in the IPL. De Villiers is currently the sixth-highest running goalscorer.

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