Is It Wise To Be Stingy in Saving Money?

Money Saving Story

Rohit and Rajesh were very good friends, both started their jobs together,

Rohit was already aware of the importance of saving money, and so as soon as Rohit got his salary, he used to set aside a part of it for savings and meet all his expenses with the remaining money,

On the other hand Rajesh used to spend his entire earning money without worrying about saving money,

When Rohit used to explain to Rajesh about saving money,

So Rajesh used to say – he does not want to be a miser by saving money, life is meant to be fun, so instead of being miserly by saving money, you should enjoy life by buying good things with money,

After a few years-

The amount of Rohit’s savings grew very large, which he had invested in mutual funds,

While Rajesh’s account was empty, and Rajesh was now in the habit of spending, he started taking new mobiles and other items on loan and EMI due to lack of money,

And then a few years later –

Where Rohit could properly meet all his financial needs with his savings money, such as – planning for his marriage, house and car, and the expenses of his children,

Whereas on the other hand,

A large part of Rajesh’s salary used to go towards paying the EMI of the loan, and due to his habit of not saving and spending continuously, he was caught in the debt trap,

And needless to say – what would have happened in the life of both of them next?

On one hand Rohit was enjoying life happily with his family,

So on the other hand, Rajesh was very upset with his life, and he had ruined his life because of paying debts,

Money savers are not always stingy

Friends, in this story, people like Rohit, today are called miser,

And none of us like to be called clingy,

And if I tell you that – you are a very miserly person then you may feel very bad,

Because none of us want to be stingy,

Whereas, the reality is that saving money properly is not skimpy, but wise,

But most of the people consider saving money as skimpy, and because of this they are not able to make the habit of saving money.

This is the biggest reason, which drowns people in debt,

Now as we have seen in this story,-

If someone does not save and invest, and keeps on spending unnecessarily – then what is going to happen to him,

And on the other hand, by saving and investing money in the right way, what a happy life a person can live,

It is wise to be stingy in saving money

Friends, Saving money and investing it in the right way is a very sensible thing in itself, by which you can live a happy life, free from the worry of money,

And so you should think wisely about saving and investing money right away,

Because of not saving money

Most of the people, are not able to save money, and spend heavily, the reason behind this is that they do not want to be stingy,

Because in childhood, we all have read some such stories of some miserly people,

What it teaches, to be stingy, is very wrong,

And it also teaches that – what is the use of saving money, when we can not even enjoy life, and keep saving money,

And in the same way you must have heard the story of that miserly man.

The one who is very stingy, one day u die while saving money for the rest of his life, but he does not give his savings money to anyone,

Some miserly stories are also such – in which a miserly man takes out the fly after falling in the tea, and sucks it, so that the tea stuck in the body of the fly is not wasted,

And after hearing many more stories of similar misers,

We start hating miserly people.

And most of us have decided in our childhood,

No matter what happens, don’t grow up to be a miser.

And the result of these stories is that – Most of the people do not want to be stingy, and hence are not able to save,

Such people spend a lot, like Rajesh, they get into the debt trap and ruin their life.

Attention friends, It is only because of the words of miserly heard and understood in childhood – When we start earning, we spend a lot,

So that no one can call us miser, and therefore we do not consider saving money as more important, but consider it necessary to spend money,

And that’s why –

Despite working and earning for years, our situation does not change much, and we always have a shortage of money to spend,

And in this way such habits of spending are formed, that our salary increases, but still we are not able to save,

And such a habit of spending becomes, we buy and spend on EMI without thinking much, and thus get caught in the debt trap,

And then slowly take another loan to fill a pit of debt,

And in this way, by taking a little bigger debt than before, we keep on increasing our debt pit,

And many people remain trapped in the debt trap for a lifetime.

And due to debt, many diseases continue to live in tension, and in the end they die in debt.

Don’t be stingy, be wise by saving money

Friends, I also agree that being completely clingy is a bad thing,

We should not be too skittish in terms of money, and therefore

But to save a part of your earnings, should not be called skimpy,

Rather you will see that there are very few people left to save money,

And these are the people who, by regularly saving and investing money, make a lot of wealth,

and become rich one day,

And those who do not save money, they are very surprised that – after all in one place, and despite earning the same income, how did their friend become rich, and how did he get into debt,

Friends, Please pay attention, The time has changed, now there is no such miser left, who is the father of sucking the fly by taking it out of tea,

So with the changing times, we should also change our thinking. And it should be understood that Only sensible people save money. While the poor person spends his entire earning, And therefore,

Got it heard in your childhood, delete the story of the miser from your mind,

Be smarter and start saving and investing money,

Let it not happen that – you spend in the affair of not being called a miser, get into the debt trap and ruin your life,

Money saving and today’s message

In the olden days, those who save money were called miser,

But today there are very few people who save money, seeing whom others wonder how they save money,

Friends, Hope this article helped you to understand that –

To be a little skittish in saving money is not foolish but wise. And so if someone calls you a fool by saving money, then the fool is not you, but the person who is calling you a fool,

And when such a time comes, it will become clear to that person,

Also if, without worrying about whether someone calls you a miser or not, you will definitely start saving a part of your earnings,

So friends, I hope you understand what is the real message of this post.