Is the referee sleeping? Rahul knocks out the ball? The controversy makes you fat


  • Afridi sacked Rohit and Rahul in the first innings
  • Babur Assam and Mohammad Rizwan met for Pakistan for half centuries
  • Pakistan wins first T20 World Cup victory over India

Dubai: Nobel controversy escalated after India lost to Pakistan in the ICC T20 World Cup. KL Rahul was thrown in a beautiful inning by Shaheen Shah Afridi. Fans think this ball is classy. His videos and pictures were widely shared on social media.

Afridi was just outside the goal line when the ball was released. Fans have criticized the field referee and the third referee. After Rahul’s departure, it was checked whether Afridis was noble. However, it was judged that it was not Noble. The rule is that the third referee must call Noble when the field referee is out of sight. But fans say the decision was unfair.

In the first innings, Afridi dismissed Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul. The Indian innings continued at 6 for 15 overs. In the last five overs, only 51 runs were made. India’s 151, however, was eliminated with 13 balls.

The game cricket fans around the world have been waiting for has come to an end. The record that Pakistan failed to beat India at the World Cup has become a legend. Despite a 5-1 lead in the T20I, Pakistan managed to avoid another defeat at the World Cup. Captain Babur Assam and Mohammad Rizwan beat India by 10 wickets with half a century.

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