Is there a bug in Elgar’s DRS? How did the ball suddenly spin? Explanation of the sender

The DRS controversy surrounding the third test is burning. India’s DRS appeal to South Africa’s captain Dean Elgar in the second innings was dismissed by the third umpire. The broadcasters justify this by saying that the ball tracking technology is to blame. The ball tracking technology belongs to the transmitter. Transmitter is super sport. They say that the ball’s trajectory is determined by its impact on the pitch. Spectators explained that the pitch in Cape Town had an incredible bounce and that’s why the ball went over the wicket. They also released a graphic video to prove their point. The incident occurred when Dean Elgar was caught before the wicket in Ashwin’s over as India were battling for the wicket. Elgar issued the DRS after the ground referee ruled it out. At the DRS, the ball is found to go over the top of the wicket. This gave Elgar

the chance to continue batting. Elgar, who went out after realizing the ball was in line at the DRS, came back when he found the ball didn’t fit in the wicket. Even the referee on the pitch was amazed at how the ball bounced in an impossible way. The Indian players then approached the stump mic and criticized the third referee and the error in technique. KL Rahul said a whole country is playing against them. Captain Virat Kohli said that some people only look at their own team. The captain did not hesitate to mock the DRS. Kohli did not give Elgar another LBW appeal to the third referee. Kohli joked that sometimes it was over his shoulder. “Everyone saw what happened,” said Indian bowling coach Paras Mambre. The matter will be brought to the attention of the match referee. The coach said that all players performed well. There are now indications that captain Virat Kohli and his team-mates could face disciplinary action for overreacting on the field.

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