It was not for nothing that Shreyas Iyer was accepted into the test team; Dravid has started work !!


  • Shreyas was accepted into the national team, replacing Hanuma Vihari
  • Ravindra Jadeja and R Ashwin will also be strong at beating
  • The first game of the T20 series between India and New Zealand will be played on November 17th

New Delhi: With the arrival of Rahul Dravid as India’s coach, the limited overs and test squads have changed dramatically. Dravid tries to shape the future team by being more considerate of young players. This also includes a different team selection for the T20 series and the test series against New Zealand.

Shreyas Iyer is a batsman who has proven his skill in limited overs. With the inclusion of Shreyas in the test roster, it is hoped that the Indian middle class will be strengthened. Shreyas was expelled from Hanuma Vihari. Dravid believes Shreyas can shine in India’s mid-stroke tests. If he can shine against New Zealand, he can secure his spot.

Telling India that a team should travel to South Africa is part of finding a new team. Sending talented youngsters to overseas pitches will benefit India in the future. It is reported that the BCCI has made such a decision in view of the upcoming series overseas.

Prithviraj Shah and Hanuma Vihari are members of the India A Tour in South Africa. Those who excel in this series are given the opportunity to tour India abroad. Dravid also aims to take full advantage of the clout of players like Ravindra Jadeja and R Ashwin. Both of them often excelled not only in bowling but also in hitting. Sources close to the BCCI said Dravid was trying to develop India into a strong team both in the end and in the middle.

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