Jinklaner! Internet users admired the brave Meenal, who was bald for the job


  • Mira challenged Meenal to go bald
  • Meenal surprised everyone by accepting the challenge
  • Meenal is valued on social media

Mumbai The widely acclaimed program ‘Bigg Boss Marathi 3’ is currently attracting the attention of the audience. The audience likes the chores in the house and the audience likes it when the onslaught of members dominates in it. The quest ‘Samyamchi Aishi Taishi’ was recently played at Bigg Boss’s house. In this quest, one team became a monster and the other team became an angel. In it the demon told the angels the work, and the angels should finish the work. But it was very important to have a smile on the angels’ faces while doing this work. With this task, Meenal Shah once again captured the hearts of the audience.

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Meera had become a monster in the process, while Meenal was an angel. So Mira ordered Meenal to cut her hair to free her from the task. Mira told Meenal that the trimmer wanted to remove all of the hair and go bald. Meenal also showed a willingness to go bald without giving up. Mira stopped her when Meenal was about to go bald. However, Meenal’s courage is valued on social media. Internet users praise Meenal for accepting Meera’s challenge without hesitation and threatening it.

One internet user commented: “You won. Nice to see you play You alone are overwhelming. ‘ Another user wrote: “I applaud Meenal for his courage in taking up this challenge. How long would you think. But Meenal, you are great. ‘ On the other hand, internet users troll Mira for giving her such insidious work. Netizens are mad at Mira and say it is a mistake to have a girl and to force another girl to get her hair cut.

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