Kapil Sharma Show comedian attempted suicide

MumbaiFor two years, many artists have been struggling with poverty because of Corona. Some artists sought financial help on social media, while others ended their lives. Now another actor has attempted suicide because of a difficult financial situation. The actor has also worked with Kapil Sharma. According to media reports, this is the name of the actor who is better known as an actor who looks like Nana Patekar. Tirthanand Rao had worked in the entertainment business for the past 15 years, but on December 27th he attempted suicide by drinking poison. Luckily, when the neighbors found out, they took Tirthanand to the hospital. Tirthanand is in good health and after much effort the doctors saved his life.

Due to financial difficulties, the family left the family and the woman remarried

Speaking to Tirthanand, he said that he was facing a financial crisis and that his family members had also left him. His mother and brother did not even visit him when he was in the hospital after drinking poison. Tirthanand said that he and his family live in the same complex, but his family members have not spoken to him in the past 15 years. Tirthanand said there is currently debt. The family did not spend a single rupee on his treatment.

This led to suicide

Tirthanand said he had been home since he was released from the hospital and that no one in the family had visited him or asked about his condition. Tirthanand’s wife also remarried. They have a daughter, she is married and the actor has no contact with her. When Tirthanand was asked why he took such a drastic step as suicide, he said he was faced with a dilemma between work and family. When they come home from work, the loneliness of home can eat them up. So he committed suicide.

And worked with Shweta Tiwari

Tirthanand had worked with Kapil Sharma on ‘Comedy Circus Ke Ajube’. He has also appeared on Kapil’s comedy shows. Tirthanand said that he worked with Shweta Tiwari and even Bharti Singh. Tirthanand said when Kapil and Sunil Grover started arguing, Kapil asked them for the role. Since Tirthanand was working on another film at the time, he was unable to attend Kapil’s show. Tirthanand said he will ask Kapil for work now that he is fine. Tirthanand said, “I have been watching for 15 years and have worked in five languages. He made a lot of money, but now he’s in trouble and looking for a job.

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