KL Rahul and Punjab in two ways? Now the team owner with the reference to a new captain!


  • Rahul won the orange cap with 626 runs from 13 games
  • Punjab purchases Rahul for Rs 11 crore in an auction
  • Punjab finished sixth in the 2021 season

New Delhi: In light of the looming IPL mega auction, the team management has reportedly started to compile a list of players to be retained and excluded. The mega auction takes place in December. The BCCI will announce the date and rules shortly. The BCCI’s suggestion of how many players to keep will be activated when the teams meet.

As the mega auction ends, franchise co-owner Ness Wadia has hinted that the Punjab Kings are looking for a new captain. Wadia said there are a lot of players like Rahul. If there’s only one game, the team won’t. Each player on a team has their own value. He also made it clear that no team can move forward with just one player.

Rahul is one of the best batsmen of all time in the IPL. The Punjab captain led the team to sixth place again this time. The team has six wins and eight losses. In his first year as captain of Punjab, he won the Orange Cap with 626 runs from 13 games.

Unsure about keeping Rahul, Wadia admits he fought for the team. Rahul is the only player who has consistently played for the team. To lead Punjab much further. However, the team consists of 11 players. Let’s see what happens. He said he would learn things and move on with a smile. Punjab bought Rahul for Rs 11 crore in the 2018 auction. If the star is released this season, he is sure to get more than Rs 15 crore through the auction.

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