Kohli trolls Shamin, says ‘such people are cowards’


  • After the defeat against Pakistan in the T20 World Cup, many people on social media trolled Shamin on his religion.
  • Terming those who troll Shamin as cowards, Virat Kohli said that the entire team is with Shamin.
  • India will face New Zealand in T20 World Cup on Sunday, both teams must win

Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli has targeted those who troll Mohammed Shamin on the basis of religion. India lost the match against Pakistan in the T20 World Cup. After this people trolled fast bowler Mohammad Shamin. Which Kohli deemed inappropriate.

Shami was trolled for being a Muslim. “The worst thing to do is about religion,” Kohli said ahead of Sunday’s match against New Zealand. Kohli says that social media trolls are a bunch of cowards. Those who do not have the strength to face real people in real life. He said, ‘We play for the country. We don’t play for the cowards of social media who don’t have the power to tell the truth to anyone.

After Shamin was trolled, many current and former cricketers including Sachin Tendulkar came out in his support. “Everyone has a right to express their opinion on what they believe in a particular situation, but I have personally never considered discriminating against anyone for their religion,” Kohli said.

“Mohammed Shami has won many matches for India over the years and he is our main bowler along with Jasprit Bumrah,” he added. If people can ignore it, I honestly wouldn’t want to waste a minute of my life paying attention to such people. Shami or any other player in the team need not waste time chasing such people.

We are with Shami and are 200 per cent in his support. The people who attacked them can come fast if they want, but our camaraderie in the team and our friendship will never end. Being the captain of the team, I can guarantee that we have created an environment in the team where such things cannot penetrate even .0001 per cent. It is definitely from my side.

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