KRK mocks Pakistani cricketer Hasan Ali


  • Hasan Ali becomes a troll after dropping Matthew Head’s catch
  • KRK also criticized Hasan Ali
  • Australia defeated Pakistan in the T20 World Cup semi-finals

Mumbai: Pakistan and Australia faced each other in the semi-finals of the World Cup T20 cricket match on Thursday. In this extremely tense game, the Australian team turned the entire game in their favor by defeating Pakistan. The defeat forced the Pakistani team, which have not lost a single game, out of the tournament. This has angered Pakistani cricket fans. He has trolled all the players, but Hasan Ali is trolled the most.

Hassan Ali becomes most of the troll

The game between Australia and Pakistan in the semi-finals took a very exciting turn. The important catch from Matthew Wade was missed by Hassan Ali at the time. The whole match went wrong as Head was spared. Matthew then struck brilliantly to give the team the win. Hassan has been heavily trolled on social media since his recent release. Many users have accused it of having settled with Australia. While Hassan Ali is being trolled like this, Kamal Rashid Khan or KRK has also thrown pearls at him.

What did KRK say?

KRK made a tweet against Hassan Ali. In it he said: “In today’s game, Hasan Ali followed the religion of being India’s son-in-law.” Now, after reading KRK’s tweet, you will be confused about what exactly that means. Hassan Ali’s wife is Indian and originally from Haryana. Hassan Ali’s wife is called Samia Arju. Therefore, according to the CRC, Hasan Ali is India’s son-in-law. Surprisingly, Samia Arju is a fan of Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli.

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Of course, Kamal Rashid Khan boldly expresses his views on current events on social media. He has no subject taboo. His arguments often lead to new controversies. Sometimes he gives his opinion in a very funny way. This will keep the users well entertained. Several memes have now gone viral on social media since Hassan recently missed Matthew Head’s catch. If Hasan Ali hadn’t dropped the catch, Pakistan would have reached the final of the T20 World Cup, its fans claim.

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