Lata Mangeshkar on Oxygen Support, niece gave health updates

Mumbai The veteran Indian singer was recently admitted to the Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai with a corona infection and pneumonia. Lata Didi was admitted to the intensive care unit as a precaution. Fans panicked and worried about his condition as soon as the news came that he was positive and was admitted to the intensive care unit. Her niece, Rachna Shah, provided more information about Didi’s health.

Didi on oxygen support, happened during the treatment
Rachna Shah went on to say that Lata Didi is currently receiving oxygen and will be staying in the hospital for the next few days. At the same time, according to sources, Lata Mangeshkar does not currently require invasive ventilation support and has been admitted to D Ward of Breach Candy. A senior officer at the station said that Lata Mangeshkar came to the hospital about three days ago to look into some other conditions, but she developed colic while being treated here.

Information from the Mayor of Mumbai
At the same time, Lata Mangeshkar is not allowed to meet anyone. Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar told the Times of India that she would go to the hospital herself if necessary. Lata Didi’s condition should be stable. She will also go to the doctor and inquire about Lata Mangeshkar’s health.

DR. Recruited on Saturday, Corona said, fighting pneumonia

The news of Lata Mangeshkar’s admission to the intensive care unit came on January 11th. But Dr. Prateek Samadhani confirmed to the E-Times that Lata Mangeshkar was admitted last Saturday evening and is also battling pneumonia with the coronavirus. Bhajan Emperor Anoop Jalota informed Navbharat Times Online about Lata Didi’s health: “We talk to Lata on the phone. I also speak to them on WhatsApp. But they don’t see anyone these days because they get infected very early. The last time she came home from the hospital, she stayed in her room. You don’t even want to meet outsiders. We kept in touch with them by phone. Now that they have Corona, there is nothing to worry about. He was hospitalized because of his age. There they are much better cared for.

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