Let Sanju Samson return in the blue; Errors must be corrected!


  • Did Sanju take the opportunity?
  • There is still time to come back
  • Accusation of lobbying does not matter

1996 Titan Cup … When India was looking for a start with Tendulkar, Sujith Somasunder, who had scored many goals at home in Karnataka, got a chance. Tendulkars and Dravids sixteen runs with more than 60 balls ended their careers with two matches. When asked about Sujith, then coach Madanlal told the media .. – “Nobody has 10-15 opportunities to prove themselves internationally. People are waiting for an opportunity they like” Sujith later came to Kerala as a player and coach.

Congrats on Sanju’s 46 runs on his ODI debut a few months ago. Everyone who plays for India including Sanju wears the Team India blue cap with hard work, dedication and luck.

It remains to be seen whether Sanju, who is not lacking in talent, has gotten as many chances as anyone lately. He hit in ODIs and Twenty20s on the series first and saw no attempt to correct the situation as he was left with balls to play and couldn’t read the ball in front of someone like Hazaranga (before). The keeper’s glove and Sanju’s performance in both games were poor.

In a sense, the IPL is a stepping stone for the Indian team. He played well for the Royals too. It got a lot of compliments. But while the chance that Sanju will become a batsman in any game of the season as captain is certain, he will be able to play without pressure. In addition to the ability to get more opportunities on the international stage, the factors “luck” and “fate” may also be required. May our loved one experience a great comeback.

Sanju Samson is celebrating his 27th birthday today. Congratulations to the star on his career and life.

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