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How To Start a Blog & Make Money Online (Blogging Guide for 2019)

how to start a blog and make money online

Do you want to Start a Blog & Make Money blogging?

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to learn How To Start a blog (My Blog).

Blogging is an Idle career that depends on your learning, passion & hard dedication towards your valuable works.

People always ask me how to get quick success then I will tell you, dear, you came to the wrong platform & there is no quick rich formula available in this entire world. Btw it’s not also too hard to do if you’re following my Step By Step Guide To Start a Blog & Earn Money.

The reason for starting a blog as your career could be many of these:

  1. Money
  2. Popularity
  3. Sharing Your Knowledge
  4. Building Community
  5. Social Impact
  6. Documenting Your Thoughts
  7. Promoting Your Business or services
  8. Promoting Someone else Services

or any other.

Though there is a lot of questions pondering on among all of you are:

  • Where should I start a blog? (The most important question — Platform)
  • What niche Should be beneficial for me? (Blog Topic is another important chapter)
  • What should be my Doman Name?
  • Where should I host My Blog?
  • How To Buy Hosting For My Domain Name?
  • How To Install My Blog on My Domain Name?
  • Designing Of my Blog
  • How To Make my Blog Greater Than Others
  • How To Write my first post?

& bla bla.

But I want to assure you that you don’t need to worry about anything. In this step by step guide to Start a Blog, you will not only get your above answer also you will get a lot of knowledge & be able to start a blog today.

So order a cup of coffee & enjoy this tutorial.

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In order to teach you on your journey towards How To Start a Blog in the right way at first you need a reliable Doman Name & Hosting. We will use an affordable & best Hosting Provider which I personally using & recommended too, Bluehost Hosting

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The whole process of getting a blog setup & ready to publish your first post online should take about 20 minutes.

I’ve cut this Step By Step Guide How To Start A Blog into ten clear Processes that will guide you How To Start blog & generate revenue from it.

So, now without further delay dive into How To Start A Blog.

How To Start a Blog From Scratch without any prior Web building experience

This guide is presented for my readers like you who are just starting out a fresh blog and know a compact or not anything about blogging.

You will have your blog up & running within the next few minutes so read carefully & if you faced any problem then don’t forget to comment.

Step 1: Choose the Blogging Platform

how to Choose the right platform to start a blog

The First answer you should have is, Where should I create my Blog?

There are a lot of platforms out there to create your first blog.

Most of the newbie & famous bloggers use a self-hosted WordPress Platform.

WordPress is famous because it’s easy to use. The most important fact is 33 % of sites in the world (almost are 75 million sites) are powered by WordPress.

Even my blog, YoursWriter.Com, is also self-hosted with the top Content Management System (CMS), Powered by WordPress.

A self-hosted WordPress ( is what we need & don’t confuse yourself with WordPress.Com and self-hosted WordPress. It means you have to install WordPress on your hosting. This process is very easy & in the next sections, you will also learn how to do it.

Step 2: The Topic of Your Blog (Niche)

The very first thing is finding the niche of your blog. Niche means finding a topic that you are going to cover on your blog.

I hope you aren’t planning to blog about all the random topics & earn money. That doesn’t work in 2019 & if you focused on a particular topic it would be easier to get success in the Year 2019.

However, Google (The biggest Search Engine) prefers a website which is built on a particular topic or niche. For Example, www.YoursWriter.Com is built on the topic of “blogging” and that’s how you get us.

Now, the biggest question is,

How to find a good topic for my blog?

Here are a few tips that will help you to find your blog niche,

  • The best thing is knowledge. So, find a topic that you know better than anyone else because knowledge beats anything. On the other way, it not only can be your job related it may be anything else that you like to do. Try to think about a topic that you mostly talk about & you are comfortable with that topic.
  • Picking a topic that you usually read about. Your interest depends on them what you love to read for hours.
  • Interest is the main important thing in blogging. You must choose a topic which is interesting to you.
  • For newbies, I always suggest to take a pen-paper & write down all the niches in different row & columns that you like. For example, Technology, Fashion, Fitness, Motivation, Finance, Photography, Health Care, Pets, Weight Loss, Software, Dating & Relationship & so on. Now try to write 20 different post Title ideas on the different columns. When you are writing those post titles, you must think about what you can write without any references. At the end of the 20th article, it will help you to find out that niche which you like most.

Finding your niche is the most crucial stage before starting your blog, that it will help you to find a topic that you are passionate about.

If you picked a niche which you liked most, love to tell about & write too then your burn out period will never come.

ConclusionChoosing your blog’s niche or topic is the first most important stage before you starting your blog.

Step 3: Pick Your Blog’s Domain Name

The domain name of this blog is YoursWriter.Com. If you type this domain name from anywhere in this world you will connect with my Blog.

So, At first, you need a specific, unique, easy to type & easy to remember Domain name which can be related to your good name or that can describe your niche, etc.

The name of the Blog is the most crucial stage in your blogging career success. Domain Name is not only a name that’s your blog’s identity.

For Example, www.YoursWriter.Com

When you start a blog on either Blogspot or you will get a subdomain like or

A custom & most recommendable domain name is like www.YoursWriter.Com, for which we are paying $ 13 / Year.

Now there are few rules you must know before purchasing a Domain Name. However here some tips for you from my experience to get benefit towards your blogging success,

  • Always try to choose .Com Domain Names.
  • Your Domain should be easy to type & easy to pronounce.
  • Don’t use the number on your domain name.
  • Don’t use a more than 12 words domain name. Because People don’t like to type much.
  • Don’t use .info, .net, .us, .biz etc like extensions because they don’t ranks good on Search Engine. I always like to suggest people use .Com or .Org Domain Names Extensions.

Once you decided to choose your domain name then it comes what extension will be reliable for you.

But remember .Com is The Gold Standard, but you can also choose .net, .org, etc. But I will suggest not to use .us or .biz like extensions.

Step 4: Web Hosting for starting your Blog

Blogging Platform: Completed!

Topic For your Blog: Completed!

Choosing Domain Name: Completed!

So, Now let us create our blog on a hosting.

In this section, one question must be pondering on your mind that,

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a type of Online hosting service which allows people to make their website live on the world wide web. This is a server which stays available 24*7 & all your future blog post, pages, images, videos, designs will be stored on this Web Hosting server.

In this tutorial, we will install WordPress on our Web Hosting.

There are a lot of websites are available which gives you free services but personally I will never recommend you all the free hosting servers because they provide limited space, any server control, irrelevant forcefully ads, everyday 5–6 hours server downs, no support & the most terrible is your site could disappear any time without any notice.

So, I will never recommend you all the free web server. For Testing your site you can use that but I don’t like to waste my time.

However, I always like to use Bluehost Server because they are are not only cheap but also they are providing good service & 24*7 customer services.

Bluehost is an affordable & good choice as it offers everything to start Your Blog Today. Some features are below,

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Domain Names (Saves Your $12/Year)
  • Free SSL (Most important feature)
  • Easy To Use Cpanel
  • 30 Days No questions Money Back Guarantee

And all these features only costs $7.99 $2.65/month

Now How to buy and get 66% discount from Bluehost,

How to start a blog with bluehost

Select Bluehost Basic Plan if you want to start with one blog or You can select Plus plan for starting more than one blog.

how to start a blog & make money blogging

On The Next Page, You can claim your free domain name, Provided by Bluehost. If you’re not ready then you can choose later.

start a blog with bluehost and make money blogging

On the next step, wait for a few minutes if you want a 66% discount from Bluehost (at $2.65 every month). In a few seconds, a pop up will come from Bluehost which offers $7.99 $2.65/month if you sign up with Bluehost for 3 years.

Note: The discount pop up will come if you earlier clicked our 66%  discount coupon link or just click now to avail 66% discount on Bluehost

bluehost discount coupon link

Thereafter, click on claim savings and just fill up your contact information. Pay a little attention to package extras as you can skip a few things to save your money.

payment option on bluehost

Only check on Domain Privacy Protection & unchecked everything to save your money.

Now after completing Package information & extras scroll over to Payment information section. You can pay via Credit/Debit card or if you want to pay from Paypal then you can click on More payment options.

bluehost payment information

Once you have completed Payment, Bluehost will also create your first blog in the next 5 minutes. This will be done automatically without any nuisance for beginners who just wish a ready-made blog.

Now you just finished installing your WordPress on the Bluehost Web Server.

Step 5: Launching Your WordPress Blog With Bluehost

The best thing about Bluehost is it automatically installs WordPress blog for you, Just you’ve to pick up themes which will automatically install on your blog.

However, You’re not all done, as you’ve to configure a few things before writing your first post.

Step 6: Design Of Your First Blog

The first impression is the last impression

Blog designing is the most important part when you’re starting your first blog because a good design will force your visitor to love your blog. Also, this is how your visitor will remember you & your blog & will convert in your daily reader’s list. Remember your blog’s outfit is the key to your blog.

First of all, in WordPress there are ready-made WordPress Themes are available for all types of blogs. There are thousands of themes are freely available in the WordPress Themes store.

But in my recommendation, choose a premium theme that converts people more quickly than freely available WordPress Themes. Also, you will get all the support & guide, and moreover, you will get a quality design for your first blog.

Below some easy to use modern themes which I would recommend starting with,

  1. Astra Theme: Astra Theme is a lightweight which offers almost all kind of blog templates. After installing the theme you can pick any kind of ready-made blog templates for your blog & your blog design will be ready within half an hour. SEO is the most noteworthy thing of every blogger & due to the lightweight Astra theme is very fast to load the page. For every new WordPress blogger, Astra is the perfect companion.
  2. Genesis: One of the great theme Framework is the Genesis Framework but it is the costliest option for a blog starter. You can opt-out for the pro package, which will give access to all their skins & future updates for free.

There are many premium themes are available in the market but in my recommendation, I will recommend you to choose any of the above themes for a professional starter.

Step 7: Most Recommended WordPress Plugins

Therefore, you just finished designing your first WordPress Blog and now your second priority would be installing some needed WordPress plugins.

There is almost thousand of plugins are there to install. Below I have mentioned some needy WordPress Plugins which should be installed from the first day of your starting.

Here are some needy WordPress plugins which you should install on your newly created WordPress blog.

  1. Yoast SEO — WordPress Plugin: SEO is the most important factor for bloggers to rank on Search Engine & Yoast makes it easy with their free WordPress Plugin. They also offer a premium plugin but I will recommend installing at first free one then if you need a premium one you can buy.
  2. Contact Form: Admins need to open a contact page to interact with readers & you need to make a contact form to interact with readers & Contact Form makes it easy to contact admins. The most noteworthy is this is a free WordPress Plugin.
  3. Jetpack by Jetpack is a full of security WordPress Plugin by You can also get each and every day’s stat & other options to make your site faster for free.
  4. Really Simple SSL: Nowadays SSL is the most important security layer to protect your site from hackers. Just install your free or paid SSL in your server & Really Simple SSL automatically redirects all traffic from Http to https which is more secure than Http.
  5. Smush Image Optimization: Image optimization is another needy WordPress Plugin for every blogger to make their site’s pages load fast. Smush Image Optimization is a free plugin which is must recommended plugin also.
  6. WP Super Cache: This is another important plugin to minify Html, JS, & with lots of features.

You can get a list of Must-Have WordPress Tools here.

There are many more plugins are available but above are the basic recommended Plugin for every newbie blogger.

If you have followed all the above steps, your blog is up & ready for publishing your first blog post.

Step 8: Planning about Your Content

Before you start writing your first blog post you just need the content plan.

You can use an excel sheet for planning your content. Pick up a niche where you have the interest to write content & I should recommend to open your copy & write down almost 20 topics that you can write now. Then research your topics & make your content different from others.

Below Content Planning Checklist is provided for our newbie bloggers.

  • Add an attractive Title. For instance, “How I make $5000 in a month” will be more attracted than “How to make money online“.
  • Article Length almost 1000 + words.
  • Add related images in your post.
  • Add an attractive featured image in your post.
  • Proofread your content.
  • Permalink must describe shortly which helps search engines to rank fast.
  • In metadata provide a short description of your content with related keywords.
  • Schedule/Publish your content.
  • Share on every social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Whatsapp, etc
  • Send push notification to your readers.
  • Send an email newsletter.

In the article’s ideas, I have previously told you to write down all the content that you can write without any help from others.

???? Comment Down To Get Your Free Content Planning Cheatsheet ????

Now time to post your first WordPress Blog Post.

Step 9: Writing Your First Blog Post

Now, this is the biggest fun started in your life, writing your first article.

Here are some guidelines you must follow before starting your first blog post,

  • When you’re writing your article, imagine there is a person in front of you & you’re talking with him about your content. Write in the 1st person voice tone, there is the second person who is reading your post. For example, you are the second person who is reading this blog post & you may notice my voice tone is “I” and “You”.
  • Previously I have told you that your content might be cover all the details of your topic on more than 1000 + words.
  • Do not copy images of Google search engine, alternatively, use free stock images or paid stock images on your content.
  • You can freely embed videos from Youtube. Here is a guide on How to do that.

Read our step by step guide on SEO copyright to avoid the general jam & level up your blogging career. This will help you how to drive more traffic from Search Engine.

Step 10: Add Important Pages on Your Blog

Here are some must-have Pages, which you must have on your blog from the first day.

  • About Page: This page contains all the details of your Blog & You.
  • Contact Page: The contact page is where your readers can connect with you. You need only a contact form to add this page on your blog & Contact Form 7 makes it easy for every blogger.
  • Privacy Policy Page: A privacy policy page is a statement or a legal document where you disclose how you’re using your reader’s data. It accomplishes legal requirements to protect your reader’s privacy. It is similar to the Terms of Service Page.
  • Disclaimer Page: Disclaimer is a formal statement saying that you are not legally responsible for something, such as the information given in your blog, or that you have no direct involvement in it.
  • Media Kit Page: This is not necessary now, but you should know about it. This page where you will mention all the details traffic of your blog and also the advertisement options you use.

Step 11: Drive Traffic To Your Blog

So, Now you finished your first blog & as well posted also your first blog post. I think you understood all the previous step by step guide on How to Start Your Blog. If you need any guide comment below.

You just made your blog but now the main question is how to drive traffic to your blog?

Follow the steps mentioned here and this guide will help your blog to be visible in search engines.

here are also many ways to drive traffic on your new blog,

Step 11: Make Your Blog Social

Once you have completed your first blog site, You need a community where your readers will join & social media makes it easy to get started.

Firstly to get started on social media, you need a Facebook Fan Page, a Facebook Group, an Instagram account, Twitter Account.

Step 12: Make Money Blogging With Your First Blog

There are many ways how you can make money blogging & earn passively.

Here some of the best ways to make money are mentioned,

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Advertisement (Get paid for writing about a product or service)
  • Direct Text or banner ad
  • Own Digital Products like eBooks, Video courses, Themes, Plugin, Software, etc

I already covered all the ways to make money blogging guide on How to make money blogging.

Step 13: Learn SEO for free Traffic source

SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a very advanced topic that is tough to complete in a single article.

Many new bloggers try not to care about Search Engine Optimization & it’s the biggest mistake.

Search Engine Optimization helps you to rank on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. And it’s quite easy to get organic traffic if your site’s Search Engine Optimization is good, which helps you to generate more revenue.

Here are three crucial parts of SEO are discussed below,

  • On-Page SEO: Your content quality, Keyword Density, Meta Description, Permalink & other factors.
  • On-Site SEO: Crawling & indexing of your website.
  • Off-Site SEO: Dofollow & Nofollow Backlinks from other sites.

With the gradual development of SEO, I want to add more factors which help on Search Engine ranking,

  • Social Signals: Social media sites play a great role to increase blog ranking. Google plus proves all the above myths to improve your blog search engine ranking.
  • User Experience: Nowadays Search Engine Optimization is all about to give a great user experience. For example, the design of your site, Navigation, Page Loading, Readability & more.

Comment down To get your content planning cheatsheet. Thank You 🙂

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