Miracle Aisha: A woman gave birth to a baby on an airplane at an altitude of 35,000 feet

Doha, Qatar:
The crash of a flight from Qatar to Uganda came as a shock to many. The number of passengers disembarking in the morning after the flight and the night flight had increased… A new passenger was born for the first time that night time… A baby was born on a Qatar Airways plane in a Altitude born from 35,000 feet. A Canadian doctor who rescued a mother from a plane expressed her joy by sharing a photo of the mother and newborn. A professor at the University of Toronto, Dr. He too had flown on the same Qatar Airways aircraft. According to the BBC, the incident happened just one hour after the Qatar Airways flight took off. A migrant worker from Saudi Arabia to Uganda has reportedly given birth to her first child. After that, the journey of mother and baby, to be safely released, began on the plane … At the end of the flight, the mother gave birth to a cute baby. The baby was

named after the doctor who helped the mother and baby be released safely. Dr. Khatib returned from an event in Toronto fighting the Corona infection. She was very tired during the third phase of her journey. “Is there a doctor on the intercom on the plane?” When such a question was asked, she immediately rushed to the rescue. DR. Khatib saw the pregnant woman trying to get the baby out. A few other passengers helped Khatib. They also included an oncology nurse and a pediatrician from Doctor Without Borders (MSF). Immediately after the birth, Chimurdi started crying. After that, Dr. Khatib handed the Chimurdi over to a pediatrician. At this point, the mother’s condition was stable. Dr. Khatib also presented little Ayesha with a gold necklace that said “Ayesha” in Arabic. “This Chimurdi will get the visit of the doctor who helped deliver 35,000 feet in the air over the Nile,” he said. This Chimurdi was born on December 5th. Dr. Khatib recently shared her photos on social media. Dr. Khatib is currently busy treating covid patients in Toronto.

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