Missed chance! Manas Gaikwad couldn’t answer the question for 1 crore

Mumbai: The Kaun Banega Crorepati show is currently running a special week. Manas Agarwal from Lucknow won a prize of Rs 50 lakh this week. As this week is specifically for students, there will be special discussions about these parts.

Schoolchildren between the ages of 8 and 15 take part in the special area. Manas Gaikwad from Lucknow participated in this area. He managed to win a prize of Rs 50 lakh. He couldn’t answer the question asked after a million points.

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Manas is a resident of Lucknow. He likes to eat biryani. He shared many such things with Amitabh. He also asked Amitabh many questions. Does your driver always drive your car or does he drive himself? Manas asked Amitabh many such questions. On this show, Manas answered all 14 questions correctly and used all of the lifelines. After gaining 50 lakh points, Amitabh asked him the 15th question for 1 crore point.

Q: Who is the youngest gold medalist in the Winter and Summer Olympics?

Synonyms: A. Kim Yoon-mile B. Marjorie Gestring C. Ing Sorensen D. Hand Zaza

There was an exact answer to that question. B. Marjorie Gastring. Manas couldn’t answer that question. So he told Amitabh about his decision to give up the game. After Manas, Vaishnavi Amita Sharma was in the hot seat. who will appear on the show as a rollover candidate on Friday.

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