Mukesh Ambani preparing to go to London with his family?

Mumbai: Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries and Asia’s richest man, is building a second home for himself and his family. According to a report in Mid Day, Mukesh Ambani is now preparing to go to another country with his family. Reports say that his second home will be in London. He has bought a 300-acre property in Stock Park, Buckinghamshire, London, where he is likely to live with his family.

According to reports, when Ambani spent most of his time at his luxurious home ‘Antilia’ on Altamount Road during the lockdown and pandemic, the family felt that they needed another home. So he decided to build a house in London, which Ambani had bought earlier this year for Rs 592 crore. The report also claimed that they have started changing their needs.

Reports said Ambani’s London home will have 49 bedrooms, a small hospital and other luxury items. This year the whole family also went to their new home to celebrate Diwali. They usually celebrate Diwali in Antilia. According to reports, Ambani will return to India after Diwali celebrations and will return after settling down in London in April next year.

According to reports, a temple has also been built on the new property of the Ambani family and two priests from Mumbai are also likely to be taken along. The design of the temple is similar to that of the temples at his Mumbai home and other offices in India. The report also states that the idols of Ganesha, Radha-Krishna and Hanuman were brought from a sculptor from Rajasthan.

According to the report, the London home is not like their house ‘Antilia’ located in the poshest area of ​​Mumbai, but the Ambani family wanted something more open in terms of space. So the Ambani family began inspections of the new home last year and after finalizing the deal on the Stock Park Haveli in August began renovation work on the 300-acre property as per their needs and requirements.

After 1908, the mansion, which was a private residence, was converted into a country club. According to media reports, the mansion has also been featured in the James Bond film. Ambani’s new assets also include a small hospital headed by a British doctor. However, the Ambani family did not confirm or comment on the report.

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