Multibagger Stocks: 20 thousand rupees invested in this stock became 1 crore!


  • Instead of being tempted to become rich overnight, those who invest with utmost patience never get disappointed.
  • Find quality stocks instead of speculative, wait for the right time to invest in it and maintain it patiently
  • Most quality companies never give their investors a chance to regret in the long run.

Those who invest in quality stocks for a long period of time, rather than being tempted to become rich overnight in the stock market, rarely make a loss. If you look at the share price of any good company over the past 20 years, it will be understandable. However, when the market is booming, many people jump on the bandwagon without thinking about the price they have left, and end up with a bar of millions. Compared to this, when the value stock declines, it increases the chances of the investor to make a profit.

One such stock is Bharat Rasayan, which has given investors 500x returns in the last 20 years. This stock was trading at just Rs 20 20 years ago, but is currently hovering around Rs 9,800. This stock of a chemical company has proved to give good returns in the long run. But the past six months have seen selling pressure. During this period, Bharat Chemical fell 20 per cent from its all-time high of Rs 12,682 and is currently trading at around Rs 9,800.

Talking about the price history of the last one year, this stock has increased from Rs 8,710 to Rs 9985. Thus, it has given a return of 15 per cent in a period of one year. In the last five years, its price has increased from Rs 1910 to Rs 9985. In this way, the stock has gained 425 per cent in the same period. Similarly, over a period of 10 years, the price has increased from Rs 110 to Rs 9985. If you look at the percentage of returns they have given during this period, then this stock has jumped 8975 percent. Over a period of 20 years, it has increased from Rs 20 to Rs 9985 and has given 500 times compensation.

Looking at the speed with which the stock has grown, it can be said that if an investor had invested Rs 20,000 in it six months ago, it would have come down to Rs 16,000, but if an investor had invested Rs 20,000 in it a year ago , its value today will be Rs 23,000. Whereas 5 years ago, 20 thousand rupees invested in this chemical company used to be 1.05 lakhs, while 20 thousand rupees that were closed 10 years ago would have become 18.15 lakhs today. If an investor had invested even Rs 20,000 in Bharat Chemicals 20 years ago, its value would have become Rs 1 crore today.

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