Murder of an Indian woman in Mexico; It was a birthday party abroad

Mexico City: Two foreigners, including an Indian national, were killed in a shooting in a restaurant in Tulum, Mexico. Three people were injured in the process. Among the dead were two women, a German and an Indian. So there are two Germans and one Dutch man among the injured.

This unfortunate incident happened on Wednesday. According to government officials, the shooting was triggered by a dispute between two drug dealers. Table chairs were set up in the open space in front of the restaurant. Some customers ate at this place. Authorities said the customers were killed in the shooting. One woman died on the spot. So another woman died in the hospital. One attacker was arrested. No injuries were reported.

The woman of Indian descent who died in the shooting lived in California. She had come to Mexico to celebrate her birthday. The Indian woman’s name is Anjali Ryot. Is a travel blogger. Anjali is originally from Himachal Pradesh. She lived in San Jose, California. Anjali arrived in Tulum on Monday to celebrate her birthday on October 22nd.

Grief for the family

The news of Anjali’s death shocked the family in Himachal Pradesh. Anjali’s brother Ashish has asked the Mayor of Tulum to expedite the process of moving the bodies to India. Anjali had traveled to Mexico with her husband Utkarsh Srivastava to celebrate her 30th birthday. She had lived with her family for three to four months.

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