My heart is racing! Rita Durgule confesses her love; Who is this special person?

Mumbai: The actress Rita Durgule has become a talisman for young people in the series ‘Man Udu Udu Zhalam’. Their fan base is also large. Rita has a lot of fan sites, a lot of groups on social media. Rita is always active on social media. The post she shared recently was on the news and she told her fans a special story.

The actress Rita Durgule, who studied mass media in advertising, came to the fore in the series “Durva”. The series had completed nearly a thousand episodes. She later played in the series “Butterfly”. Because of her enthusiasm, she is considered the most popular actress on social media among Marathi actresses. She has just come to the audience through the series ‘Man Udu Udu Zhalam’.

But Rita is currently in the spotlight for a different reason. Now let’s step into that special person in Rita’s life. Rita confessed that she fell in love and shared this special story with fans by sharing a special photo with film director Pratik Shah.

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