New law in Spain on who will have a dog-cat after the divorce

Madrid,: Many families treat pets like family members. Everything is taken care of for their happiness and sadness. But what to do with these pets when family ties are broken? Many couples ask themselves this question. A new law has been passed in Spain to answer this question. If a couple had a pet, who would the pet or cat go to? Who will take care of these house cats in the future in the event of a separation? The law expresses itself on this. “Pets are also family members. In most cases, the responsibility for the pet has to be shared after the couple has separated, ”ruled a Spanish court. Even if there is no doubt among animal lovers, the new law will officially make pets part of the family in

Spain. In Spain, a new law came into force on January 5th that recognizes pets as “live, sensitive animals”. Under the new law, the court will consider the interests of the animal as well as the needs of the family when deciding who will take care of not only dogs and cats, but also goldfish, turtles or other birds. The new law aims to resolve legal issues related to pets in divorce or separation cases. Under the new Spanish law, owners must “guarantee” the welfare of their pets. If the couple has a history of animal cruelty or sexual violence against their ex-spouse, they may be denied pet control. Spain promulgates this new law by amending the Civil Code. A pet is legally recognized as an heirloom from its owner. Animals have been identified as susceptible animals in Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal.

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