“No asteroids, but rockets fired by aliens”

Washington, USA:
The giant asteroids in space are a potential threat to Earth. History has shown that many asteroids wreaked havoc on Earth. However, these satellites can be used by “aliens”. With the help of these satellites all resources on earth can be destroyed. UFOs can do it before an attack, claims an American professor known as an expert on altered methods of warfare. The shocking claims were made by a professor at the US Air Command and Staff College in Alabama in an interview with Sun Online. But, according to Professor Springer, there is something in space that America does not know or understand. If there was an attack on Earth, it would be the same attack that Europeans carried out on America 300 years ago. At that time, many resources

were lost and the locals were devastated, said Professor Springer. Prof Springer has made a number of other claims. Aliens can be a nomadic tribe. You can spy on other planets to hide their needs. Earth’s nuclear arsenal can be destroyed using special weapons such as lasers and asteroids. Additionally, some of the aliens’ weapons can be highly dangerous viruses that could endanger the human population, Springer has made some strange claims. According to the US space agency NASA, five giant asteroids will come very close to Earth in the first month of 2022. It also contains a bus-sized asteroid that will reach Earth in the first week of January 2022. In particular, the Pentagon released a report in June denying various allegations about aliens.

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