No matter how much you bark, but when you talk about my daughter …; Kamya Punjabi broke out


  • Trolls on social media Trolls Kamya
  • When the marriage broke up, Kamya was badly trolled
  • Kamya Punjabi got angry after trolling a girl

Mumbai: The small screen actress Kamya Punjabi recently appeared on a chat show. Kamya captured the hearts of the audience with her acting. Kamya has made a place in the minds of the audience through various roles. But Kamya has been trolled on social media because of her personal life. While Niya Sharma talked about body shaming and trolling on the show, Kamya also shared her experiences with everyone. Kamya answered the trolls in her own words.

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Kamya was very emotional when she spoke at the event. Kamya said, “In my first marriage, I faced domestic violence. My first marriage broke up. I was trolled a lot when I got out of the wedding bed. After that, I was in a relationship with a person. Even then I was trolled very badly. You are an old woman, you are divorced, this man is going to leave you too. And not only that, you also said you’d sell your daughter. I used to go to such a low level and troll. ‘

Then tears began to flow from Kamya’s eyes. Kamya said, “My five-year-old daughter was also attacked by trolls. She is now 11 years old but my daughter is still being trolled. I have a life, I want to live it. I don’t care how much you bark. But when it comes to my daughter, I’ll cut her throat. I will not tolerate it. ‘ Ervi, unaware of the action, seemed to take action to protect her daughter. Her mother challenged the trolls as if she promised to protect them.

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