Now a successful test of a hypersonic missile from North Korea


Dictator Kim Jong Un has announced that North Korea has tested a supersonic missile. He also claimed that the missile would significantly increase North Korea’s nuclear capabilities. (Participation successful) reported North Korea’s The Korean Central News Agency on Wednesday. Earlier on Tuesday, the United States, South Korea and Japan said North Korea had fired a suspected ICBM into the East Sea. The missile was tested from a voiceless vehicle. After launching from the launcher, the missile flew and hit a target at a distance of a thousand kilometers in the sea, the report said. This rocket flies at five times the speed of sound. The news agency also released a photo of Kim Jong Un, a senior official, inspecting it from a cabin while a rocket rocketed into the sky, leaving the flames in its wake. This is the second time in the past week that North Korea has tested a surface-to-air missile. The missile was first tested by North Korea in September last year. After the test was successful, Kim congratulated all the officers. “Kim’s presence at the test site shows that the test was complete and that the missile will soon be integrated into the military,” experts said. The United States did not comment on Tuesday’s test. However, “the earlier test was in violation of UN sanctions. The test poses a threat to neighboring countries as well as other countries,” said Ned Price, a spokesman for the State Department.

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