‘Omicron’ is not normal! Significant increase in the number of deaths, including the number of patients

Washington, United States:
The number of corona patients worldwide has risen sharply this week. Worryingly, as the number of patients increased, so did the number of deaths, by about 12 percent. According to AFP, the number of daily corona patients increased by 44% this week compared to the previous week. The number of patients has reached a record high of 2.78 million. The variant seems to be responsible for this dire situation and statistic. The growth rate was 210 percent in Asia, 142 percent in the Middle East, 126 percent in Latin America and the Caribbean, and 59 percent in Oceania. In the US and Canada, the number of corona patients has increased by 31%. The Philippines also recorded the highest increase at 327 percent. India follows with 321 percent, Kosovo with 312 percent, Brazil with 290 percent and Peru with 284 percent.

The number of patients in African countries is decliningRemarkably, it is now the only country where the number of patients has decreased and the situation seems to be improving. The number of patients has decreased by 11%. For the second straight week, Iswatini recorded the largest drop in patient numbers in African countries. That’s a 45% drop. In second place is Zambia with a minus of 30 percent. South Africa fell 27 percent, Namibia 26 percent and the UK 25 percent. Four South African countries were hit hard by the Omicron variant in early December, while the UK and Europe were among the hardest-hit.

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