Only play in IPL, why in the Indian team? Criticism of the superstar!

India went into the decisive game of the T20 World Cup against New Zealand with unexpected moves. India have decided to replace Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul who were the regular opening players. Ishant Kishan replaced Rohit as the opener. It wasn’t long before he realized that his decision was wrong. Not only against this decision, but also against the poor performance of Rahul, the criticism of the fans is growing.

Opening layer

India’s greatest hope at the World Cup was the start. Rahul and Rohit Sharma made no significant contribution against Pakistan. The situation against New Zealand was similar. Rahul, who was a great hope, scored 18 runs. Rahul got out after trying hard.

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What a pity Rahul

The front line collapsed

India collapsed against both Pakistan and New Zealand. Virat Kohli’s batting performance helped India achieve a slightly better result against Pakistan. Ravindra Jadeja’s cameo against the Kiwis has passed the 100 mark. The Indian innings ended with just 110 runs.

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Doesn’t shine for India

Is it enough to play like this?

Rahul only shines in IPL

Fans wonder why Rahul, who did well in the IPL, doesn’t shine for India. It was a crucial game against Pakistan and New Zealand. Rahul didn’t shine either. Rahul has been one of the top run scorers in the last two IPLs. Fans say Rahul is unable to win games for India.

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