Pakistan: Sri Lankan citizen burned alive for blasphemy in Pakistan; Prime Minister’s protest


  • The deceased was a Sri Lankan citizen
  • Desperate in front of the crowd, even though the police arrive at the scene
  • Prime Minister Imran Khan protested the incident

Islamabad, Pakistan:

A terrifying incident occurred in Sialkot in the Pakistani province of Punjab. Here a foreigner was brutally beaten to death by a mob on charges of blasphemy. Even after the brutal beatings, the mob’s anger did not subside, but they did take the foreigner onto the streets. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned the incident.

What exactly happened?

According to Sialkot Police, the deceased was a Sri Lankan citizen. His name was Priyanath Kumara. He worked as an export manager in a private factory on Wazirabad Road, Sialkot.

According to eyewitnesses, rumors of Priyanath’s blasphemy had been circulating in the factory since that morning. The rumor quickly spread around the factory. The workers also protested outside the factory. Meanwhile, many people went into the factory and beat Priyanath to death. They were then burned alive.

The police came on the spot, but …

The victim was beaten to death by officials from the Pakistani Ambulance Service 1122 at 11:35 am when they were informed of the incident and rushed on the spot. He complained that it was not possible to help or intervene in the deceased because the police were small and the angry crowd in front of them was large.

Meanwhile, a mob took the victim onto the street and set his body on fire. There was a lot of shouting. Police also said the victim may have died before the cremation. Police tried to save the victim but failed in front of the crowd.

At around 12:30 p.m., the police arrived at the hospital with the cremated body. According to sources at Sialkot Hospital, the deceased’s body was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The body was almost reduced to ashes.

Prime Minister protests the incident

“This is a shameful day for Pakistan,” said Prime Minister Imran Khan. “The attack on the Sialkot factory and the burning of the Sri Lankan manager is a shameful day for Pakistan. I myself am keeping an eye on the investigation into this incident. Those responsible for this incident will be punished. Arrests are also being made in this case, ”said Imran Khan.

Punjab Prime Minister Usman Bujdar also protested the incident, saying he had directed the Police Inspector General to investigate the incident. “I am stunned by this incident. “People involved in such inhumane acts are not spared,” he said.

Many videos of the incident are also shared on social media. Sialkot District Police Officer Umar Saeed Malik said that further investigations into the incident are ongoing.

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