Pakistan: “Three months without a salary,” scoffs the Prime Minister on the Twitter account of the Pakistani embassy


  • Post viral on the Twitter account of the Pakistani Embassy in Serbia
  • The mockery of Prime Minister Imran Khan
  • Pakistan claims to have hacked social media account

Islamabad, Pakistan:

Inflation spikes in Pakistan The financial crisis has severely affected the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan. This was sealed after Prime Minister Imran Khan himself publicly admitted at an event that he did not have enough money to run the country. But after making this admission, Imran Khan faces other problems. Not only that, it is also ridiculed at home and abroad.

Tweet from the Twitter account of the Embassy of Serbia

A tweet was sent today from the official Twitter handle of the Pakistani embassy in Serbia. The tweet mocked Prime Minister Imran Khan. This has become a joker around the world after a complaint was filed on the Twitter account that embassy staff had not been paid in the past three months.

Prime Minister Imran Khan was also tagged in the tweet. That tweet was followed by another tweet that said, “There was no other option.”

Pakistan claims that social media has been hacked

However, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry said that the embassy’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages had been hacked. He also said the text, which was published in the form of a tweet, was not from the Pakistani embassy.

Pakistani officials woke up shortly after the Serbian embassy tweet went viral on social media and then deleted it from the embassy’s Twitter account.

Great crisis in Pakistan

It is worth noting that Pakistan faces a mountain of foreign debt. So how do you govern the country before the Pakistani government? That is the question. Pakistan, which is accused of promoting terrorism, does not have a good image in the world. Pakistan remains on the Financial Action Task Force’s gray list. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has asked the United Nations to provide information about Pakistan in order to take action against terrorists and their families. Pakistan is also accused of providing financial support to terrorism.

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