Pakistan: TLP violence; Four policemen killed

Islamabad: The situation in Pakistan is simmering again. Activists from Tehreek-e-Lawak (TLP), a radical organization in Punjab province, violently killed four police officers. The violence broke out after talks between the Pakistani government and TLP activists failed. The TLP demanded the release of the party leader Saad Rizvi and the recall of the French ambassador.

The banned TLP began to march towards Islamabad. The police stopped them. Then the violence started. Kamunke had 8,000 to 15,000 TLP employees. Most of them have sophisticated weapons. The Pakistani interior minister has accused AK-47 of using the police.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said at a press conference on Wednesday that the TLP had started violence. They opened fire on the police. Police officers were killed in the incident. 70 people are injured. Eight of them are in critical condition. Pakistani Army Rangers will be stationed in Punjab for the next 60 days to monitor the situation.

In the meantime, many had previously voiced their displeasure with the Pakistani government’s mitigating stance towards the TLP. On October 22nd, TLP activists staged violent protests in several cities, including Lahore.

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