Pakistani cricketer tweeted about Harbhajan, Indian spinner remembered the past


  • Mohammad Amir mocks Harbhajan, Indian spinner reminds him of 2010 spot-fixing
  • Aamir used abusive language in a tweet about Harbhajan, which led to a rift between the two
  • This clash between Amir and Harbhajan has shocked the cricket fans of both the countries.

The match between India and Pakistan in the T20 World Cup ended without any major drama. There was no clash between the players of both the teams but at present there are clashes between the two former cricketers outside the field. Pakistan’s Mohammad Amir and Indian spinner Harbhajan clashed on Twitter on Tuesday.

On Sunday, Pakistan won the match by 10 wickets and then Amir tweeted Harbhajan Singh. Harbhajan Singh was furious and reminded Aamir of the spot-fixing incident. Actually, Amir shared an old match clip in which former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi hit some sixes in Harbhajan’s over.

In response to Amir’s tweet, Harbhajan Singh shared a picture from the 2010 Lord’s Test between Pakistan and England, for which Amir was found guilty of spot-fixing. In this match, Amir deliberately bowled a no ball. Harbhajan tweeted how the no-ball happened at Lord’s? Who gave how much? How can there be no ball in test cricket? Shame on you and your other supporters for defaming the beautiful game.
However, the struggle did not end there. Amir made another tweet using abusive words for Harbhajan and the Indian spinner also gave a befitting reply. Harbhajan tweeted that for people like Aamir Tara there is only Rupee, Rupee, Rupee. Whether it’s respect or something, it’s just money. I will not tell your countrymen and supporters how much money you got. People like you have insulted the game and fooled people.
In his last tweet, Harbhajan Singh shared a video of an old match in which he made the team win by hitting a six off Amir’s ball. He wrote the caption along with the video, Fixer Six. out of the park. Amir Variable Running Grip.
Harbhajan Singh and former Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar have been joking on Twitter, but Amir and Bhajji’s feud has left cricket fans in both the countries stunned.

Salman Butt, the then captain of the Pakistan team that toured England in 2010, Amir and Mohammad Asif were involved in the spot-fixing scandal. Later all three players were banned. Amir and Asif deliberately bowled a no ball. Amir returned to international cricket after the ban was lifted.

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