Parents and friends spoke on Parag Agarwal becoming CEO of Twitter


  • Parag’s parents react after becoming CEO of Twitter
  • Mother said that Parag was fond of computers and cars since childhood.
  • Father said that Parag was interested in mathematics since childhood

There is a wave of happiness across India as soon as Parag Agarwal becomes the CEO of Twitter. After Parag Aggarwal became the CEO, people started searching about his personal life on Twitter. People searched Google for questions like his IIT-JEE rank (77), his salary (1 million) and his wife (Vinita). But now his parents including his IIT friends have also spoken openly about Parag Agarwal.

Parag’s friend in IIT-Bombay said so

Apart from all these questions from his IIT friends about the new CEO of Twitter, he was told how he was in college. After taking admission in IIT Bombay, he took the first Freshtech exam, which is for freshmen. Out of 480 students, only 25 per cent appeared in the examination. Devendra Kumar Agarwal, a friend of Parag who joined IIT Bombay in 2001, said that normal students like us could not answer a single question in this exam. It was a very tough test. And when the result was declared, Parag came second in the test. Devendra also said that Parag was calm, friendly and brilliant.

A friend of the hostel made this disclosure about Parag

Friends of Parag Hostel also chewed on nostalgia. The first year of IIT Bombay was very interesting as everyone topped the coaching classes of their district or region, but Parag scored 10/10 in the first year. Who is the smartest person in the class? “We first met in 2016 in New York, after which we had lunch together, and talked about our profession,” Kakde said of a 2016 interview with Pollen. At that time Parag was enthusiastically talking about Twitter.

Parag took admission in Atomic Energy Junior College. His teachers reminded him today that he was always sitting on the first bench. And something new was going on in his mind. College principal Anand Kumar told that he has won gold medal in International Physics Olympiad. She also secured the highest marks in class 12th.

Pollen has been fond of computers and cars since childhood.

Parag’s father Ram Gopal Agrawal (72) retired from BARC’s Refueling Technology Division in 2011. He said that from childhood he was most interested in mathematics. Moreover, Parag’s mother Shashi (67), who is a professor of economics and management at VJTI, said that she has always been interested in computers and cars. Whenever we went on tour he would pick up and read magazines on both these subjects. Parag’s mother had voluntarily resigned from her job to take care of the family. Also Parag’s sister is currently a professor at the University of Washington. While his parents currently live in Thane.

Parag has been very fast in studies since childhood.

Parag’s mother said, “Parag has always done well in studies, but it surprised all of us by being in the top 10 in the entire 12th state.” We never cared about the topping, he was doing well in studies, which we were happy with. Moreover, his mother said that the organization has played an important role in his success since he was brought up in BARC. BARC has its own distinct culture. The kids here are competitive, and at the same time help each other. After completing his studies from IIT Bombay, he got a job in Capital One and a company in Bengaluru, but decided to continue his studies. He applied to six universities and was selected in five and eventually went to Stanford University for a PhD in computer science.

Parag last arrived in India in March 2020

Also Parag’s mother said that Parag’s wife Vinita has also played an important role in his success. Shashi said of what happened after he became the CEO of Twitter, “We were constantly on the lookout for news and later we smiled at each other over a video call.” Whatever success he has achieved is due to the grace of God and blessings of the people. It is noteworthy that Parag Agarwal last came to India in March 2020 before the coronation period.

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