Rahul Gandhi’s letter to Shah Rukh, for Aryan Khan – sorry

Mumbai Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan is currently on bail in a drug case. He was arrested by the NCB on October 2nd. He has been on remand in Arthur Road Jail since October 7th. Aryan was released from prison on October 30th. Many fans from Bollywood to fans supported the Aryan and Khan family during this difficult time. Congress President Rahul Gandhi is also said to have written a letter to Shah Rukh Khan expressing his concern about Aryan.

What did Rahul Gandhi write in the letter?

According to India Today, Rahul Gandhi wrote a letter to Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan expressing his grief over the situation. Rahul used the word “sorry” in his letter and wrote: “It is not appropriate to treat a child like this. I’ve seen the good things you did for people. I am sure that all of your blessings and prayers will be with you. ‘Rahul Gandhi went on to write in his letter that he would like his entire family to come together soon.

Aryan Khan undergoes counseling after bail

Aryan Khan was released on bail by the Mumbai High Court. On October 28, the court granted bail to Judge Nitin Sambre Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Merchant and Moonmoon Dhamecha. Aryan was released later on the morning of October 30th. Aryan is currently in Mannat with his family. However, on Shah Rukh’s birthday on November 2nd, the whole family is said to be in the Alibag bungalow. After his release, Shah Rukh and Gauri reportedly not only counsel their son Aryan, but also take care of his diet, yoga and meditation.

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