Ronaldo, the girl who ran in the field crying, did what won the hearts of the people.

Portugal’s superstar footballer Cristiano Ronaldo never disappoints his fans. Ronaldo failed to score in Portugal’s match against the Republic of Ireland, but was nonetheless a hero to football fans as he pleased his younger fan by giving him his jersey.

The match played at Aviva Stadium ended in a 0–0 draw. A little girl ran on the field during the match. The girl who came on the field during the match wanted to hug him. However, the stadium staff ran after him, caught hold of him and took him off the field.

The girl cried at this. But at the same time, Ronaldo told the stadium staff not to throw him out. At the same time, the audience present in the stadium expressed happiness by clapping. Ronaldo went up to the girl and hugged her. Not only this, he took off his jersey and gave it to them as a gift.

Ronaldo, 36, is currently playing for English Premier League club Manchester United. He has previously played for the club. Ronaldo then joined Real Madrid in the Spanish league and from there he joined Italian club Juventus.

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