Royal Challengers Bangalore did not keep the team due to management persecution; Indian star with revelation

He was the top wicket taker in the 15th edition of the Indian Premier League last year. Virat Kohli, who played for Royal Challengers Bangalore, has landed 32 wickets this season. Herschel also made it into the Indian team last year with an outstanding performance in the IPL. Herschel, who became the superstar of the Royal Challengers Bangalore in a single season, was slated to stay on the Bangalore roster ahead of the 2022 IPL mega auction, but it didn’t. This shocked the cricket world as a whole. Many pointed out that it was Bangalore’s stupidity not to keep Herschelle Patel, the season’s best thrower. But in an interview with Ipolita Crickettracker, Herschelle Patel revealed why Royal Challengers Bangalore

didn’t keep it. Herschelle Patel said the RCB hadn’t kept him due to wallet management, adding that Mike Hesson, the team’s cricket director, had asked for the same. Herschelle Patel said they would love to bring him back to the team next season and revealed that he would like to return to the Bangalore team as well. “Mike Hesson (RCB’s cricket director) called me and said they couldn’t keep up mainly because of the wallet management. Herschelle Patel said. Read also: At the same time, Herschelle has Patel who had previously played for Delhi Capitals in the IPL , changed heads last season: Herschel, who has won 78 wickets in 63 games in the IPL, has won four wickets in two T20 Internationals.

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