Royal life – Hrithik Roshan lives in a 100 billion bungalow

Bombay: The most handsome actor in Hindi cinema started working as an assistant director. Hrithik made his acting debut in 2000’s Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. Since then, over the past 21 years, he’s carved his own place in audiences’ minds by playing such a big role. Hrithik holds many records including 300 crore films like War. Today he is considered the richest actor in Bollywood. Hrithik owns a luxury bungalow in Mumbai valued at around Rs 100 crore. This luxurious bungalow is just as beautiful on the inside. Hrithik Roshan has a net worth of Rs 370 million and is valued at Rs 2,745 crore in Indian Rupees. His monthly income is around 20 crores. According to the sources, the annual income is Rs 260 crore. Hrithik Roshan owns a luxury bungalow in Mumbai valued at

Rs 100 crore. He also owns a house on Juhu-Versova Link Road valued at Rs 97.50 crore. He also has two luxurious houses. He rented one of the houses. Hrithik has apartments on the 14th, 15th and 16th floors of this building. Mumbai Mirror has reported that the sea can be seen from this apartment. This home is as large as 38,000 square feet. The roof of this home is 6,500 square feet. Hrithik Roshan’s house has 10 parking spaces. He has spent Rs 67.5 crore to build this house for two. Not only that, he has spent Rs 30 crore to buy a 14th floor apartment. A large amount was also paid for the registration of this apartment. Altogether the value of this apartment rises to Rs 100 crore. Hrithik shared some photos of the luxurious home from his Instagram account. Aside from luxurious houses, Hrithik’s fleet also has very expensive cars. It has Ferrari, Volvo, Audi, Mercedes.

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