S-400: China will get a straight answer; Russia delivers Brahmastra to India

Dubai: India has received major relief (400 missile systems for India) amid ongoing tensions with China. Russia has started supplying India with a modern S-400 missile defense system called “Brahmastra”. This was announced by Dmitry Shugaev, Director of the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, at the Dubai Air Show. The delivery of the S-400 system to India has started and will be completed on time, Shugaev said. The United States has warned India could face sanctions if it puts in place a state-of-the-art Russian defense system.

This defense system was used in the armies of Turkey and China off India. In addition, given the tensions in Ladakh, China has also used this system in Tibet. India and Russia had signed an agreement to supply S-400 (S-400 missile system India) in 2018. Alexander Mikhev, head of the Russian state arms company Rosoboronexport, told Sputnik News in early August that seven other countries in Africa and West Asia were in talks about acquiring the armaments.

The US wants India to buy its Patriot air defense system to replace Russia’s S-400. The American system has nowhere to stand in front of the S-400. That is why the Indian government refused to buy the US air defense system. India has stated that it will not withdraw from the purchase of the Russian S-400 system and will proceed according to the agreement reached with Russia. India’s role now poses a threat to US CATA sanctions. US President Joe Biden has called Russia the US’s worst enemy. The USA also refused to buy the S-400 from NATO member Turkey.

The US feared that the sophisticated S-400 could reveal secrets of Russian weapons. Nato member Turkey was also unable to evade the US sanctions. This shows how concerned the US is about the S-400. India’s insistence on the S-400 could force the Biden government to impose sanctions on India.

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Find out what Russia’s S-400 Defense System is

It’s an anti-aircraft missile system. What can topple enemy planes from the sky. The S-400 is considered Russia’s most advanced long-range surface-to-air missile defense system. The system is capable of shooting down enemy aircraft, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. This system is an updated version of the Russian S-300. The missile system developed by Almaz-Ante has been in use in Russia since 2007. This system can do 36 strokes in one round.

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