Sachin Tendulkar becomes head of the Indian cricket team

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar is expected to play a central role in Indian cricket. The BCCI Secretary Jaish Shah is reported to have raised the matter with Tendulkar. Tendulkar, who has not taken on any significant roles since retiring from international cricket, is being considered for the top spot in Indian cricket. Tendulkar’s contemporaries such as Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid are all currently associated with national cricket. The idea is to appoint Tendulkar in a way that will benefit the young players. Tendulkar currently only works as a consultant to the Mumbai Indians. The BCCI believes that Tendulkar can play an important role in the development of Indian cricket. Tendulkar has over 20 years experience in international cricket. Tendulkar made his Test debut at the age of 16 and holds multiple records. No other player in

international cricket has scored more than 34,000 runs. The BCCI believes that if someone like Tendulkar works to improve national cricket, it will lead to great advances. Jai Shah was asked to speak to Tendulkar and come to an agreement. Before that, Shah was instrumental in getting Rahul Dravid to coach the national team. The aim is to get Tendulkar into the cricket arena this way. If the talks are successful, there are many indications that Tendulkar will reach one of the top positions appointed by the BCCI in the near future. The BCCI doubles its income every year. The BCCI intends to use a large portion of the proceeds from the IPL for the development of cricket. As part of this, the BCCI promotes former superstars to the top positions in national cricket. VVS Laxman was recently named director of the National Cricket Academy. Laxman began his career coaching Rahul Dravid’s national team.

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