Salman’s Big Announcement for Bigg Boss 15; The only look at the participants

Mumbai: The show is currently being discussed on the small screen. There has been talk about the grand finale of the event for a few days. But now these discussions are over. Because the Bigg Boss 15 program has been extended by two weeks. This was announced by him. The atmosphere in the house was very hot as the big finale of Bigg Boss 15 was about to begin. There was a lot of competition among the local participants for the ticket to the final. Some even won this task and made it to the finals. Some had to move out of the house. But now the duration of the event has been extended by two weeks. This creates an atmosphere of excitement and joy among the participants.

Salman Khan’s reaction when he said this was worth watching … when the creators of Bigg Boss 15 decided to extend the deadline. Salman Khan announces this decision of the producers in a promo. At the beginning of this promo, Bigg Boss announces that the battle for the finals is not over yet. After that, Salman says there is good news for everyone. The program was extended by two weeks. When Rakhi Sawant hears this, he jumps for joy. Happiness shows in the faces of the other household members. But Salman Khan’s reaction is worth watching … The promo shared by the producers is 10 seconds long. When sharing the promo, it says, “Everyone in the house was very happy that morning when Salman brought the news of Bigg Boss’s extension to attendees …” Meanwhile, users have started commenting on this promo of the show against Bigg Boss .

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