Scared of Corona, Bharti Singh leaves Mumbai and stays in a farmhouse

Mumbai: In the last few days, the spread of corona in Mumbai has increased along with the state. Many artists in the entertainment world have contracted the coronavirus. Corona is dangerous for pregnant women. Comedian Bharti Singh is also pregnant. Against the background of the increasing spread of Corona, Bharti and her husband have therefore made a big decision to leave Mumbai. Bharti Singh informed about this decision in her recently published blog. Bharti said: “The spread of the corona is increasing day by day in Mumbai. Given the growing popularity, we have decided to leave our home in Mumbai. At the moment we both live in our farmhouse.” “Bharti also gave an insight into her farmhouse in this blog. Now Bharti and Harsh will be filming and creating their vlogs in the same farmhouse. By staying here, Harsh and Bharti will now spend quality time in each other’s company.

Bharati is in talks about a pregnancy
Bharti Singh’s pregnancy is a hot topic in the entertainment world right now. Bharti shared photos of her floating baby bump on her Instagram account. The joke is that photographers ask Bharati if she wants a boy or a girl. Bharti is currently enjoying her pregnancy. Bharti said she wanted to work until the date of her confinement.

This is Bharati’s routine
Her husband Harsh takes care of the pregnant Bharati. Bharti is also strict about her diet. According to Bharati, her pregnancy is very difficult. At the moment she is fully focused on the baby. Bharti had said in an interview that her mood was changing due to the pregnancy. Sometimes there is unreasonable irritability. She also fears Corona. She is very worried about her baby.

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