Seeing the benefits of ‘stale’ bread at night, you will be sheltered, use it like this


  • Eating leftover roti soaked in warm milk in the morning improves health.
  • If you consume bread like this continuously for a month, then your blood sugar will return to normal.
  • Face packs and scrubs can also be made from stale roti, which will enhance your face.

New Delhi: It happens in almost every household that roti is left after dinner. We often feed this leftover bread to pets or street dogs. Often they are not even able to do this, due to which the bread gets spoiled. However, one can be surprised to know about the benefits of leftover roti and stale roti in the morning.

Wheat bread is usually made in most of the households. This is a good habit, most people recommend eating fresh food, but wheat bread is a little different. Eating wheat bread after 8 to 12 hours proves to be more nutritious. This is because the old people used to make roti for the morning and keep it at night. This practice is still seen in the villages even today.

Eating leftover roti soaked in lukewarm milk in the morning is good for health. The stomach remains clean and the body becomes strong. If you keep eating this way for a month, your blood sugar will return to normal.

Eating stale roti with milk in the morning also helps in controlling hunger. The nutrients found in the body strengthen your bones and muscles. As the body gets such benefits, the skin cells also become healthy from within. The skin glows.

You can also make fake packs from stale roti. Which, made the video an overnight sensation. Regular use of face pack made from stale roti also removes the signs of aging on the skin. To make the face pack, first grind the stale roti, then put it in a mixer jar and add a spoonful of powdered sugar to it. Add half a teaspoon of honey to this mixture. Then add rose water to it and make a paste of PC. Apply the prepared face pack on the face like any other face pack and wash the face with fresh water after 25 minutes.

If you want to make herbal face pack, then it can also be made from stale roti. For this, make bread crumbs by mixing bread, add one teaspoon sugar powder, half teaspoon coffee powder and one teaspoon coconut oil or olive oil.

You can use this scrub anytime for an instant glow. Scrub this mixture on the skin for four minutes and then wash the face with fresh water.

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