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16 Smart ways To Increase Organic Traffic

16 Smart ways To Increase Organic Traffic

Do You want to increase organic traffic of your Website?

Before Starting to work in increasing your blog’s Organic traffic You need to install Best WordPress SEO Tools.

Today we will discuss 16 Technics which drive more organic traffic to your blog. These 16 Technics will power your site to the next level.

So, without further delay, I want to move on all those 16 Technics which boost your site’s ranking on the search engines.

16 SEO Tips To Increase Organic Traffic

1. High Quality and Unique Content

If you want to rank on the search engine, then you need to be a quality and most importantly a unique content writer.

This is one of the most noteworthy tips for all but there are a few bloggers follow it.

Try to provide in-depth information-rich, keyword-rich and useful content that could be helpful for humans and also search engine bot to find out quickly.

Owning an extensive, well structured, high quality Unique site is a very solid investment in your future.

Nowadays, Google also confirms that without quality content anyone couldn’t rank on the search engine.

After all, if you write useful content that helps people then they will love your blog and also remember it for future visitors.

2. Use a Reliable Web Hosting

It’s very important to use a reliable Web Hosting service like Bluehost to increase more organic traffic.

While crawling search engine bot, if your site is down then your site will never rank well on the search engine. So, You need a reliable Web Hosting which has minimum server downtime.

If you have a bunch of sites I will strongly recommend you to use different web hosting to reduce server downtime. If you are using popular Web Hosting Providers like Bluehost, Hostgator then you could have face 0.01% downtime.

So, I always recommend you to choose a reliable web hosting that can help you to rank on the search engine.

3. Keep Adding New Content

According To Google, half of 3 billion organic searches done a day in google are for unique keywords, because people want to know about new things.

You’ve to find out that unique keywords to start writing on that Unique topics.

Also, there search engine helps to rank them who are naturally adding new content that is unique from others.

Also if people want to know about that unique content they get your unique content on first of google or any other search engine.

When you’re adding new content you must remember to post it in a schedule so search engine bot remembers your presence. However, it will help you to increase ranking on search engines and generating more organic traffic.

I will recommend you to post a minimum of 1 article per week, 2 is preferable, adding an article daily is very good and adding 1 every 8 hours is outstanding to rank on the search engine.

4. Choose a memorable domain name

If you’re launching a new blog/website then your domain name must be in short and memorable that visitor may remember it.

Try to choose a domain name that won’t confuse people with alike names. You don’t want people visiting your competitor’s domain name when they want to visit on your site. is a handy tool that you can use for searching your memorable domain name.

5. Purchase The Wrong Domain Name Too

If you think people may confuse with a similar name then you can purchase the wrong domain names too.

As an example, You know about, they also bought a few wrong domain names to help people finding their destination. if you search with, it also redirects to

It means facebook knew that people can misspell on typing so they bought another domain to help finding people their website.

Moreover, it also helps Facebook to generate more traffic.

Also, you can buy other extensions like .net, .org, etc with your domain names.

6. Keyword Research to increase Free Organic Traffic

If you want to get more free organic traffic from search engine then you need to find out the exact keywords which most of the peoples are searching for.

You can read 11 Best WordPress SEO Tools To Boost Your SEO Ranking.

There are free and paid tools available for finding keywords. But, I will recommend you to use Paid tools like SEMrush to get more long-tail keywords which helps you to drive more organic traffic on your blog.

With over 35 + tools and 9.4 billion keywords SEMrush is a paid subscription and it is used by thousands of professionals worldwide. SEMrush is the best SEO tool for WordPress because of its 24/7 customer service.

With SEMrush you also can find out your competitor’s strategy on building links, focusing keywords, your site’s organic keyword position, ideas for getting more organic traffic and a lot of more features.

7. Improve Page Titles and Meta Description

Page Titles are one of the most important factors to get attracted your visitors.

Firstly, Go to Google and research on your keywords of the Top 10 search results.

Now you can see every web page has a unique title and meta description where you can see your keyphrase as bold.

So, now you have an idea what’s more eye-catchy titles and meta description for your visitors.

Now go to your site and edit your sites title and meta description which is more attracted for your visitors.

Try to implement focus keywords on Title and meta description to increase ranking and organic traffic from search engines.

8. Submit To Directories

The more high-quality links you have the more search engine will be impressed by you. This directory will give your site a link juice to increase your site’s organic traffic as well as ranking too.

Here I’m mentioning some of the best directories where you can get do-follow backlinks.

  4. Submit Your Site on Google My Business
  5. Submit on Bing Places
  6. Submit on Yahoo
  7. Brownbook
  8. Yelp
  9. Foursquare
  10. elocal
  11. Yellowpages
  12. Hotfrog
  13. SuperPages
  14. Alignable
  16. MerchantCircle
  17. B2B Yellow Pages

Be sure to read the submission rules before submit your site on these above directories.

9. Write As An Ghost Writer

Writing an article for another site is another great option to get a backlink or getting more visitors to your site.

Now it’s hard to know how to write an article for others. I’m going to show you how you can easily write an article as a ghostwriter for other sites too.

But before posting on other site you must have to read their ghostwriter’s rules and terms of uses and also check their domain authority as well as.

Now just you select a blog where you want to post an article.

Thereafter go to google and search like below, (Note: Replace Keyword with blog names where you want to contribute as a ghostwriter)

  • Keyword “submit a guest post”
  • Keyword “guest post”
  • Keyword “guest post by”
  • Keyword “accepting guest posts”
  • Keyword “contributing writer”
  • Keyword “want to write for”
  • Keyword “This post was written by”
  • Keyword “contributor guidelines”

Also there are a few of blogs don’t accept to give backlinks from their site to your site. But if you start writing well on their sites you can get a lot of followers whom you can convert to your sites daily readers.

10. Submit Articles Via Email Newsletter

This is another good method to get a lot of free traffic on your site.

I always recommend you to capture your visitors email id and promote them your content to get lot of free traffic from email marketing.

If you can build a relationship with your visitors via email marketing then you will get a lot of recurring visitors on your site.

So, always try to build a list of good visitors who need your service.

Subscribe each and every newsletter and study them carefully. Study the Online archives. You need to offer the genuine article which is useful for them.

11. Share on Social Media Sites

Sharing each and every post on social media is another great method where search engine thinks that people are getting that post helpful for them.

But, some people are too lazy to share on social media, they didn’t get advantage of social media. However, you can get all this advantage to Increase Organic Traffic from search engine.

Social Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc gives you a link juice on your sites content. So, always share on social media sites and try to suggest people on the very last line of your post that.

If this post was helpful, You can also share this post on social media sites. Your Every share encourage me to write more about hidden facts.

Every Social shares points your site to be more trustworthy for Search Engine, which increase your site’s Organic Traffic.

12. Be helpful in Forums

I follow a rule to Helping others because this rule helps me a lot to get most of my followers. I love to write for them which is useful for them and you can do the same thing too.

At first, Join a forum and post on a topic which you know most and try to research if that post was posted by any member before or not so you can give them full informative article about that post.

Now how to get more visitors from forum?

It’s very easy, once you get a few follower messaging or trying to know about another topic you can link them that they can get that post from your site.

Do a search in Google for get like-minded forum of you,

  • yourkeyword + forum
  • yourkeyword +”message board”

13. Start Podcasting To Drive more Free Traffic

Podcasting is another option to scale your blogging business to the next level.

You can start your podcasting on Youtube and Vimeo to get more free traffic on your site.

Start by telling in-depth but short videos that may be helpful for your visitors. By podcasting you can also connect with like-minded people.

I will recommend you to start with a introduction video on feature page so that new people can understand about your youtube channels topic.

14. Remove Broken Links

Removing all unwanted junk files can increase your operating system faster than previous. Similarly, removing all broken links can help you to Increase Organic Traffic from search engine.

Because, search engine don’t like broken or dead links so try to check every month is there any links are dead or not. So, that you can remove or rebuild that link..

Somehow, you would have a question, why search engines don’t like broken links?

Here I want to clear that search engine wants to rank the quality posts or pages so if there any broken links are available, search engine bot crawls and when it get 404 error it detects your post as a normal post or page.

So, Now what you can do?

Don’t Worry, Just install Broken Link Checker Plugin on your WordPress. It will takes care of all broken link, just check every month to stay updated.

15. Getting Dofollow Backlinks to increase Organic Ranking

Dofollow Backlinks are those which crawled by google bots and it passes a link juice from a site to another one.

This is the best way to increase your domain authority and organic ranking too. Getting Dofollow Backlink is not quite easy. But, if you’re quite popular in your niche then it’s very easy to get do-follow backlinks.

Try to write unique and helpful content for people. So, that they can mention you on their blogs with a do-follow backlink. If they mentioned you but didn’t link back you can contact them to link back on your site.

You can try to contact with other blogs and ask them to add a do follow backlink in return of a do follow backlink. This is the common way to increase more organic traffic as well as Organic Ranking too.

16. Write Testimonials That are worth using

While reading an ebook or newsletter or some products which you find useful, write a quick note to the author. Sometimes, your quick note will be published as a testimonial or client reviews, with a link back to your site.

Try to give honest testimonials so that people, who will purchase that product, will trust your words too. So, always try to add honest testimonials which they can trust you in the future too.


I think I’ve written many of the required aspects to rank on search engine also get more free organic traffic from Google on your site.

Moreover, I will recommend you to build a Facebook group and try to build a community of like-minded people. So, you can help them by posting on your Facebook group too.

Here is my Facebook Group you can join to get more free lessons about SEO, Wordpress, Hosting, Free Organic Traffic, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing and so on.

Lastly, I want to Thank you for reading this article. In this article, you just learned about 16 SEO Tips to generate more free organic traffic. You can also read my most recommended article Best Wordpress SEO Tools To Boost your ranking and Organic Traffic.

If this article was helpful for you, You can share this article with your friends and family on social media sites. Your every share encourage me to write more useful articles for you.

You can also comment below to ask any query or you can share also your content marketing strategy to help others as well as.

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