Seven Indians captured by Houthi rebels in Yemen, India’s run to the United Nations

Seven Indian crew members aboard a UAE ship were captured by Iran-backed Houthi rebels active in Yemen. India has expressed its deep concern over the incident and asked the United Nations for help. The United Nations, meanwhile, said it had held talks with crew members aboard the Rawabi ship. The bomber hit a US military base shortly after noon. TS Trimurti, India’s Ambassador to the United Nations, also expressed concern about the Indian crew being taken hostage. “We call on the Houthi rebels to release the crew and the ship immediately,” he said. He said the rebels have assumed responsibility

for ensuring the safety of the Indian crew pending their release. The United Nations said it saw the “Rawabi” ship from afar and interacted with the crew. There are a total of 11 crew members on board the ship, 7 of whom are said to be Native Americans. Such incidents could significantly increase tensions in the region, the Indian ambassador warned. India has said it is in contact with the shipping company. The incident comes as the Saudi military intensifies its military operations in Yemen. Yadavi has been fighting the war since 2011. Saudi Arabia has been hit by frequent drone and missile attacks by Houthi rebels.

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